One Simple Strategy to Turn Your Mind Into a Confidence-Building Machine

Isn’t it wonderful to be a human being – to have a mind, a body, emotions, and the will to manifest and achieve things?

To me it’s absolutely amazing, to have a psyche that takes care of me.

What’s less than stellar though, is that most all of us – myself included – don’t really know how to use that psyche to its full potential.

But the more I study the mind and psychology – and especially the issue of confidence, this month – the more I realise that it’s actually really easy to get more out of ourselves.

Basically, the mind is like a vending machine: you pop in a few quarters, out comes a can of soda.

Or in other words: you feed the mind a question, an it automatically goes on a search for the answer.

It has to, that’s what it’s for.

And, it delivers an answer. Probably always.

Most of the time though, we don’t like the answer, or we dislike it so much that our conscious mind doesn’t even register the answer.

Here’s where it goes wrong: we just keep asking ourselves the wrong questions.

“Why is it so difficult for me to lose weight?”

“Well”, says the mind, “if you put it like that, it’s because of your genes and that thyroid problem you have”.

But if you ask yourself: “What can I do to lose weight faster, despite my thyroid problem?”

Then the mind goes: “Hey tiger, I’m glad you asked! How about abc or xyz? Did you try that?”

This is no joke, it’s simple psychology, and believe you me: we’re all doing it wrong, all the time.

The stories we tell ourselves about our abilities and talents and future… most of it is simply dysfunctional.

And without getting woo-woo on you, I can tell you that your actions follow suit to the thoughts and opinions you have.

Those actions determine your behaviour, and thus you shape how your life and your reality manifest.

Which means that if you don’t actively work with your mind, if you just let it run rampant and you keep yourself mired in negative spirals of thought, you’ll create a feedback loop.

The biggest damage this does is in your level of confidence – which is terrible because your mind has another sneaky tendency:

To seek and perceive confirmation of what it holds to be true.

So what do you do?

Well, one thing you can do is get the February LEAP, the Confidence issue.

But if you don’t want to, or can’t afford to?

Then do this:

Carefully consider the questions you ask yourself.

Make it a daily exercise to observe how your mind works, how you postulate your questions about yourself, your activities, your purpose and mission and creativity.

And each time you see yourself asking a dead-end question, stop yourself and rephrase it.

“Why are people not buying my artwork, even though they say they love it?”

Turn that puppy into: “What should I do to increase the chance of people who love my work to buy it?”

Develop it as a habit, and you’ll see your results change by and by.

It might seem strange, but this stuff works.

Sages of all times, way back to Greek philosophers and mystics, know that it does really work.

So do modern-day psychologists.

You change your mind, with that you change your mindset, and thereby you slowly change your reality.

And if you want to get a full 16-page manual on how to change your mind and become a far more confident person, and thereby achieve more success and consequently more sales?

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