One of Your Friends Needs Help. Please Do Them a Favour

I need your help, but not for myself. This isn’t for my benefit.

I’m asking you to do someone a favour, because I’m pretty sure you know people who could use a leg-up.

Like my buddy Adam, who’s working hard to build a cleaning company with his wife Eve.

So, without him asking for it, I decided to write bit of testimonial for him.

Have you seen this friend in your neighbourhood?

Of course you have. You also know people who can use some help.

So please, go help them.

Write a testimonial, connect them with your clients, or send them a letter of recommendation like I did.

You can even take the one below and use it – no copyright or limitations. Yours for the taking. Just adapt it to suit your friend’s need and business, and hit send.

Whatever it is you do, however you do it – just do it.

Go help someone.

Am I being persuasive yet?

Go on, do someone a solid favour.


Letter of recommendation

Salobrena, October 11th 2013

To whom it might concern,

Adam was appointed as my assistant eight years ago, when I was concierge of a mid-size sporting and outdoor-activity company in Belgium.

I can truthfully say I’ve never in my life met a worker as thorough, committed and reliable as he.

He’s meticulous, indefatigable, does not complain, refuses to lie, and approaches his work with a degree of ethics and responsibility very seldom seen.

But the best thing about Adam is this: He has a definition of “clean” quite unlike anybody else.

Allow me to illustrate.

Have you ever tried a new sport and woken up the next day with aches in muscles you previously did not know are part of your physique?

When Adam takes on a cleaning job, a similar thing happens.

To wit: Your previous (or current) cleaners may well do an acceptable job, but when you let Adam and his wife Eve loose on your property, you will positively be amazed at how clean things can actually be.

You’ll see sparkle that you would normally only expect to see in photoshopped brochure photos.

When Adam cleans, he leaves things clean. Very, very clean.

The difference, I assure you, will be vast.

Try Adam&Eve Cleaners once, and you’ll never let another cleaner in.

Based on my experience working with him, I wholeheartedly recommend his services for your business premises or your home.

In case you have any questions, doubts or concerns, I cordially invite you to contact me by phone or by email, so that I may confirm personally what you’ve just read.


Martin Stellar
Owner and founder of Single Malt Copy
Phone: +34 656 321 321


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~ Antonio Herrezuelo,
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