On Resonance. (In Which I Pretend to Be Scientific)

Yesterday a writer asked me on the Twitter what my favourite word is.

If you sing at a harp, it sings back to you.

Your sound causes resonance and that causes new sound.


It’s a massively important word.

In science, in life and also in business.

Much – MUCH more important than you might think.

The term ‘resonate with your audience’ is being flung around by all and sundry, but mostly people have no idea what they’re actually saying.

See, everything is energy.

Matter too is a form of energy, this much has been shown to be true.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.

“Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality.

“It can be no other way.

“This is not philosophy.

“This is physics.”

Sounds like the words of the venerable master Gwan Djin Hoo, spoken 3000 years ago in his cave atop Mount Everest, doesn’t it?


That was Albert Einstein.

Interesting, no?

Resonance happens all the time.

Every movement, every action, every thought causes a reaction of some sort.

And in many of those reactions, something vibrates, resonates, because of that initial action.

Some can be measured, some can be felt, and most reactions are completely imperceptible, and will stay that way until we invent more advanced measuring devices.

Much like Infrared light was invisible until someone invented an infrared spectrophotometer.

There’s resonance in everything.

Everything you do will have some sort of effect.

What you say to your website visitors, and the way your site is designed, and the page load time – every element affects your visitor in some way.

What you present causes them to resonate with the overall message.

If it’s strong resonance – they like you, and trust you – that’s beneficial and they’ll sign up and buy from you.

But conversely, if the resonance is small, or not positive, they’ll leave.

You throw a popup at them, and some folks will instantly close the page.

Others will read it, and take action.

That way, you filter people into two groups: you determine who will and won’t resonate with that particular tactic, and you let those who don’t resonate with it walk away.

A strategic choice.

And just the same, every element of your site is a way to create resonance – or not.

Which means that if you want your site to work for you, and get you people who sign up or who buy, you need to make sure the overall strategic conjunct aims for the right kind of people to take the action you want them to take.

Because if it’s not built right, you attract the ‘wrong’ type of people, or none at all.


A little, yes.

But I’ve got your back because it just so happens that I study resonance and messaging and psychology and persuasion every single day.

So if your site should work harder for you, why not let me write up a custom conversion optimisation report for you?

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