On Pricing: How to Get Paid What You're Worth

That girl I mentioned yesterday, the one who started a course, to get a degree, in order to land a job  where she doesn’t have to work?

Aside from that fact that it’s a vain dream – kinda like searching for a rainbow-farting unicorn – she could have fixed her business easily.

See, it’s easy to say: “People here just don’t pay good money.”

It’s also very easy to look elsewhere for people who DO want to pay good money.

Because let me tell you: the fact that you don’t see them only means you’re looking in the wrong places.

Sure this town is small, and fairly poor.

But just outside town is a huge area with villas. Good clients to be found there.

40 minutes inland up towards Granada, there’s an area filled with wealthy people.
Nerja, 40 minutes down the coast – chockablock with Scandinavian, British, and German expats.

Ready, willing and able to pay good money for quality dressmaking.

But if all you ever do is look at your own little circle, it’s hard to see where the fat fish are.

And we all know: if you want to catch a fish, you go to where the fish are.

It’s silly to expect people, the good, fun, well-paying clients – to hunt you down.

No, you need to make it easy for them.

You need to show up where they get together.

Next, you explain why your work has a high price, and why it’s worth it.

Meaning, you work the KLT sandwich: Get them to Know about you, and Know why your work has a high price tag and for which reasons.

You show up persistently, while being helpful and fun – which over time get them to Like you.

And if you keep that up long enough, they end up with Trust: Trust that you deliver, that it’s worth it, and that yes, that you know your stuff.

Get the Know, Like, and Trust in order, and sales will happen.

That girl, she could have tapped her Facebook network, built an email list, and simply started writing a fun and helpful email.

Takes mighty fine care of the Know, Like and the Trust.

Gets sales too.

At any price the work is worth.

You might want to try it yourself.

So here’s my challenge: Take 30 minutes a day to write a simple, short, helpful and fun email, and send it to your list.

30 Minutes, 30 days.

You’ll be amazed.

And if you want help on how to do it fast, with ease, and with persuasion and sales strategy built in, I got your back –> http://martinstellar.com/starship-mentorprise-writing-coach/



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