On Practically Dislocated Shoulder Joints and the Value of Free Advice

No more than 35 years old; thin and short. The girl, I mean. The dog was almost half her size, young and rambunctious. She was far too light to handle him.

“Nice dog”.

“You think so? Have him, take him home. He’s driving me crazy.”

Her head lolloped back as the beast tugged on the leash, yanking her shoulder forward.

“He’s too strong and he just will not listen”.

“Yeah, I see what you mean. He’s fearful too, see? The way he cowers and barks at anyone closer than 40 meters. I wonder why.”

“This client I had last year, a dog trainer – he has a pretty good training manual on the web. It’s a free download, pretty good stuff. It’ll show you exactly how to educate him.”

She blinked at me, not getting it.

“It’s all psychology, you see?

He’s just like a child, he needs to learn what the world is like, what you can and cannot trust, and very important: he needs to learn boundaries.”

“But I don’t know how to teach him that!”

“That’s why you need the book. It’s not difficult, honestly. It just comes down to knowing how it’s done, and then being consistent in how you treat him.

For example: If he’s barking at someone, your natural reaction is to try to shout him down, right? Bellow louder than he, so he’ll get the point and shut up.”

“Exactly! Like this morning, he was harassing an old lady and no matter how loud I shouted, he just kept barking”.

“Of course. To a dog, your shouting at him is a sign of approval. He’s there making noise, and suddenly you join in? Hey cool, we’re making noise. NOISE!!!!”

She smiled. “Oh I see… I never knew that.”

“I’ll tell you something else: the more rules and boundaries you teach him, the happier he’ll be. Dogs need a master, they need to know they have a boss. Without that, they’re going to be nervous, unpredictable, unsociable – a dog is a pack animal, and a pack has a leader.

He’s got no pack, but he’s got you. You’ll have to be his leader.”

As we said goodbye and I started up the rock, I told her: “Download the ebook, really. It’ll be good for him, and also for your peace of mind. And your furniture.”

“I will.”

I hope she does. It’s a lovely dog, intelligent and joyful, he deserves some good education. Needs it, even.

Not sure she’ll do it though.

Such is the value of free advice

People just don’t value what’s free.

If she’d pay a dog trainer money for a full day of instruction, she’d go home and implement all his recommendations and instructions, to the letter.

“I paid for this – I’m not going to waste my money”.

It’s a pity, but that’s humanity. If perceived value is low, the information or product we acquire won’t be taken very seriously.

If we have to pay though – that’s when we’ll put things to use.

Point in case: I’ve told you, many times and for free, that you really really want to write emails for your business. If not daily, then at least regularly. I’ve given you tips, strategies, warnings, advice, reasons why, proof – all for free.

But have you?

Have you made writing to your list a regularly returning practice, as your favourite Stellar keeps saying you should do if you want more sales?

Hm. Awkward silence much?

It’s all good – don’t worry. If you’re reading me, you’ll get started when you’re ready. Can’t force or fake it.

But imagine you had spent money with me on learning how to write those emails, and the tricks that make writing easier and more natural, in my mentorship program… THEN you’d make writing a regular habit.

Or at least, the probability would be much, much higher. You invested, and that makes you accountable.

You become vested in obtaining results. That means you get stuff done and emails written, because otherwise your investment amounts to yet another unread book on a shelf, which looks good but does little good.
Disclaimer: I’m just as bad as you, him, she, or anyone else at following free advice. So don’t feel bad – learn from my experience: I forced myself to get results by investing in some very expensive training. And, it’s paid off. Sales are up, list is growing bit by bit, and some students are making impressive progress.

So if you want the same, then here’s where you go to invest and to get stuff done – The Starship Mentorprise Writing Coach program, where I personally teach you the insider secrets to writing emails that build an audience and get you sales.

Here’s where you start –> http://www.martinstellar.com/starship-mentorprise-writing-coach/



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