On Not Overwhelming Potential Customers & Email Marketin

Sometimes I’m asked why I don’t offer options, when subscribing to my list: instead of only offering dailies, why not also a weekly digest to select, for people who don’t want a daily?

Would be a simple enough thing to set up, and would give people an option.

But I won’t do it, for a bunch of reasons – but these are the two most important ones, and I recommend you consider them for your own business:

First, there’s the specific kind of reader (and ultimately: client) that I’m looking for. Meaning: someone who is able to free up a few minutes once a day, to read a short message designed to help or inspire.

I know that everyone’s life is full, but we all make space for the things that matter.

And I write these emails specifically for those people to whom they matter… every day, even. That’s not half the internet, but it’s enough to build a business – for me as well as for you.

Secondly, there’s a mistake in the thinking that for business purposes, sending a weekly digest adds less of a pressure to a reader’s life, compared to daily, and is therefore better business practice.

Reason being that a Friday summary with my week’s writings in it, looks like a lot of work. It’s not just spending three or four minutes on an article – no, it’s taking 30 minutes or more out of your weekend… and you know how easy it is to
have other priorities on the weekend.

So that doesn’t help my readers because those who care about my writing won’t get the ideas I put out, and it doesn’t help my business because I’m not getting read.

To summarise: any method can be made to work, but for selling your work with email marketing, I honestly know no method that works better than daily emails.

And I keep seeing clients experience that it’s true. That daily emails sell.

Like a certain client and close friend, who sold very expensive original art with an email campaign of I believe no more than two weeks.

I’m contemplating putting together a very short training (one month duration) of marketing and sales training for creatives and artists, and I’m wondering:

If one of the modules would be about email marketing the way I (and my clients) successfully do it…

…would you like me to let you know if and when I build that training?



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