Oh Man I Miss the @Rimshotbot – And I'll Miss You If You Disappear

Few years ago there was a twitter account I just loved.

It was a bot, but such a fun bot.

It scanned the twitterverse, for anyone using the word ‘rimshot’.

You know, the badum-tshh sound they make on the drums after a comedian tells a joke.

As soon as you’d say #rimshot, you’d get a reply from the @rimshotbot.

And he had like 5000 different rimshots to throw at you:

Ba Dum Bum!

Tu rum dum tss!


Ba-dum ching!

Pa-dum baf!

No point to it, but fun – somehow that guy somewhere in the world phonetically writing out drum sounds made twitter fun.

People loved him (or her).

And then he just disappeared, stopped tweeting.

My friends and I, we sorely miss the rimshotbot. And if you look at his twitter feed which still exists, you see how was mighty popular.

And suddenly – gone.

Don’t be that guy: when you have established a frequency and mode of communication with your audience, stick with it

If you do it right, people will come to love hearing from you (especially if you use email marketing).

And once they do, you gotta keep it up, slim.

Can’t just blog a few weeks now, and drop it for a few months, and expect people to keep caring about your blog.

Like my twitter following: a few years back I had a few really great connections there.

Then I dropped Twitter for a few years, and now I can’t seem to jumpstart my twitter account if I put 50.000 volts through it.

Stay in touch. There are people out there waiting to hear from you.

Make sure you don’t let them down, and you’ll see they will turn into buyers.

If you don’t want the hassle of frequent writing just to stay in touch, the solution is of course to hire a copywriter for you.

Especially for email.

And it’s not even that expensive, especially if you are serious about your business and about regular communication.

Starting at one email per week, I offer retainer packages that get you email series at regular intervals at very sharp prices.

Inquire within (that means hit reply) or go here to read about working with me: http://martinstellar.com/high-conversion-sales-copy/




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