Oddly, Even Hippies Are Salespeople – And They're Pretty Damn Good at It

Had a very interesting talk yesterday with a guy called Miguel.

Miguel is the antithesis of people like me.

He lives in a house that he built with his own two hands, he’s 61 and hasn’t worked for a boss – always self-employed – in almost 40 years

He’s what hippies turn into when they grow up, I suppose.

We talked a bit about marketing and ethics – evidently he’s quite the skeptic, and I agree with most of his complaints against the industry.

But the funny thing is that the one thing that has enabled him to survive for 40 years on his own terms, without working for a boss, is exactly same thing that I use in my work.

In other words, he does the same thing I do – he just calls it something else.

I realised this when he told me that the last job he had, at 22, was… as a salesman.

Told me he liked it, and that he was really good at it too.

Selling water purification installations in the South of Spain, in the days when half the territory didn’t have clean water.

“I was good at it because I really believed in the product.”


I mean, if you don’t believe in what you sell, you need a different job


Because selling something you don’t believe in is inherently unethical.

If you do not yourself consider the purchase good, causing another person to buy means you need to ‘create liking’ in that person, instead of transmitting it.

And that ain’t right.

They say that someone who knows how to sell will will always survive, in any economy

Miguel is perfect proof: He cut his teeth at an early age: learning how to listen, explain, and ask for a sale.

And at some point he had enough and set out on his own.

And he’s survived ever since – without a boss, without even as much as a freelancing business.

He just went out and did odd jobs, taking on building projects, repairing things, tilling the land and what have you.

Meaning, he had to identify people who needed him, figure out how to get in touch with them, and explain how he could help, and at which rate.

Just like you, and me, and everyone else who is not slave to a paycheck.

He’s the same as me: he doesn’t want to lie or con people or manipulate them.

He knows his work has a value that others will translate into cash for him.

He understands that earning his living means finding folk and explaining which problems he can solve for them.

For him, it’s being a big smile and a very able pair of hands. A kind man who built himself a beautiful Cortijo in the Alpujarra mountains.

Anyone would be happy to hire him.

For me, it’s helping people become more like Miguel: at ease with the idea of finding people and explaining which problems you can solve.

And yes, email marketing is king for all of that.

For one thing: It’s fun: if you only try, you’ll see that people will be thrilled to hear from you.

And when that happens, you yourself will thoroughly enjoy writing to them.

Like Miguel: He’s a friendly guy, fun to talk to, listens well – spending some time and hearing his ‘pitch’ is pleasant, not at all salesy.

Same with these emails: they’re meant to be fun, and most people tell me that indeed they are, and that they’re not salesy at all.

Except for the final line, the conclusion, the Call to Action, which apparently nobody seems to mind.

Miguel: “This is what I can do for you. Sleep on it, let me know what you think.”

I say: This is what I can do: teach you how to write emails that build a list, a fanbase and sales. It’s a premium, 1 on 1 training process that takes 3 months.

You’ll need to study and practice lots, and it’s not cheap.

But it’s enormously effective for getting sales.

And you can get it here –> http://www.martinstellar.com/starship-mentorprise-writing-coach/

Or not – no hard feelings.

Though if you don’t buy – do at least start writing. You want to email people. Believe me.



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