Now That's What I Call a Smart Client. Can't Go Wrong


The other day I told you about the killer comma – how small changes to your copy can render it completely ineffective.

One comma can break a page.

So I was thoroughly pleased when I received this email from a client the other day:

Hi Martin,

I have changed our strategy for the end of the facebook challenge.

Attached, please find a revised manuscript of your original post challenge copy.

Please read and see if there are any edits or enhancements that can be made.

IF you could provide feedback by Monday, I would really appreciate it.All of your copy is going to be put in place soon…I am looking forward to seeing how it performs!



Don’t you just love it? That’s how to do it.

If you HAVE to make changes, check back with your copywriter.

He’s the guy who knows how the sale works, so rely on him.

Let him have a final say.

The cool thing?

This doesn’t just apply to copy, but to essentially anything a freelancer provides you with.

Design, for example: Your designer puts together visuals, sizes, fonts and colours to create a whole that works.

Small changes can stop it from working. If you go poke around in it – how do you know you didn’t just break the work you paid for?

Or user experience, another good example.

There’s an inherent logic to your site structure and your navigation.

To you it might make sense to change where a link shows up or at what size or prominence.

To your user though, that might break the experience. Again: your UX expert knows what she’s doing – don’t second-guess her.

What it comes down to here, is the difference between you and your freelancers:

You know how to cater to your people.

Your copywriter knows how to sell to your people.

Same thing goes for your designer: they know how to create design that enhances and increases conversion.
UX: same thing.

Your SEO guy? Trust him, he knows what he’s doing.

You, you’re an expert at what you do. You’re here to solve problems for people.

Your helpers, staff, assistants or remote workers, they solve a problem for you: they assist you in selling more.

So, don’t second guess them, but keep them in the loop and make sure you didn’t accidentally break their work.

You solve problems for people. Your copywriter sells your solutions to people.

Heh, I kinda like that.

Anyway, want to get me to write copy to sell your solutions to your people, here’s how it goes down:



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