It’s Not Because I’ve Been Procrastinating!

Honestly, it isn’t.

I mean, it would be pretty lame to procrastinate on publishing a mini-course to help you stop procrastinating.

(In the end, I decided to make it an ebook, not a mini-course).

What happened is that I’ve spent literally days trying to get my head around how to create and design an ebook that works on Kindle and iBooks.

Pretty damn tricky, I tell you.


It’s done. It’s finished. It’s uploaded and ready for your delectation.

I present you with much pomp and circumstance, my latest ebook:

The End of Procrastination!

Click here to download it now…

Or you could put it off until tomorrow of course, in which case: Click here to end your procrastination:

Happy weekend, folks.


Also published on Medium.

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