Nobody Ever Told You It Would Be THIS Lonely…

Oh the joys of being your own boss, right?

Accountable only to yourself.

You get to make the rules.

Work when you want, where you want.

Rest and eat when you need it.

And above all: the satisfaction of knowing that you’re living life on your own terms.

And so we launch into entrepreneurship wholeheartedly.

With zest and confidence: I can DO this!

Even though your spouse would love for you to be around more.

Even though friends or parents tell you that, well, maybe getting a job? A part time job?

But no, we’ve chosen the hard road for a reason, and there’s no way we’re going to back down and live life the way most people do.

Wage slave?

No way.

And then one day it hits you: this isn’t just a difficult – if worthwhile – path.

This road is a lonely, lonely road.

So many questions to ask, and you don’t know where to turn.

It’s not like your regular-life friends could help you, beyond giving you a hug, a listening ear, and a doubtful look.

They’ve got their job, their income, their pension plan and what have you.

And it’s tempting, to go over to their side.

But no, you won’t. Hell no.

You chose this path, and however rough the ride, you’re going to stick it out. See if you don’t.

But that gnawing feeling of not having a peer group, a circle of people who get you, who help and support you, and cheer you on…

As you know, the solution to that is starting or joining a mastermind group.

Every entrepreneur should have a mastermind. It’s THE cure for entrepreneurial loneliness.

And that is why next Monday, Dec 5th, I’m opening the doors to a new mastermind/group coaching programme.

This one is for men only, for reasons I’ve explained in my last few emails.

And, it comes with a an incentive for men who take action fast.

To wit: the price for monthly membership will be $150.

But, if you fill out the membership application before Monday, you get lifetime membership at the old price of $100.

As with the first Cabal, for women only, membership is by interview and invitation only, because I’m looking for a particular type of person – not everyone is fit to be in a group like this.

Want to know if you qualify?

Then answer these questions here, and I’ll be in touch to schedule an interview:



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