No, but I Insist: The Yay is on You

Michal writes in, raving about how much she likes my emails, and how smart I am and all those nice things that make a little Stellar feel really good.

Except, I’m not to blame.

All that she gets from my writing isn’t down to my being especially smart. It’s down to her, entirely.

The internet is a big place, and you bet there are people who are much smarter, much nicer, much more motivational and much more on the ball than I am.

And yet, she reads me all the time, and keeps getting ideas that help her.

Not someone else – no, she likes to read that nutty Dutchman in Spain.


Because SHE is the smart one in all this.

She’s the one who saw the writing of one guy, saw there’s something in there that applies to her, and she opened up to learning.
And that is the real smarts in life.

(I’m sure doing some damage to the English language today)

I mean, everyone can teach something

As long as you’re just slightly better at something than another person, you can teach that.

That really isn’t very special – it’s just a consequence of prior learning, or experience.

But it takes a real smart one to open up and drink in whatever someone is teaching.

Compare that with a friend who recently told me: “So I was at an event, and there was a guy talking about the whales and the state of the sea.

“Really good talk, but during the break I saw him smoke a cigarette”.


“Well if a guy is talking about healthy seas, but he can’t even keep himself healthy? Then I can’t take him seriously”.

I find that fascinating. Especially since the girl herself smokes. Yep, the wonders of the human mind.

“A question. If that guy smokes, or uses crack, or is addicted to videogames – does that make any of his information less true?”

“I don’t care, I just don’t take him seriously”.

So we see that how valuable something is perceived to be, is dependent on the mindset of the perceiver.

She decides to dismiss him – there’s nothing objective in it. It’s her choice. Conscious or otherwise, she assigns the value.

Compare that to Michal: even though she knows I have my shortcomings, and even though I’ve let her down, she still is able to suspend judgment so as to continue learning.

I think that’s pretty smart.

See, everyone can teach you something.

It really depends on you, your openness, and your willingness to learn

And if you have that and you do that?

Then that makes you a pretty smart individual, and it don’t matter one bit whether you get your learn from me or from somebody else.

Just make sure you keep pouring knowledge and understanding into that noggin of yours.

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