New! Extrafree Mirth & Merriment!

Over the last few months, you’ll have seen me create illustrations to go with these daily coaching emails.

Mostly because I have fun making them, but also because it’s useful to connect a visual with a written message.

But what you might not know is that I’ve also started drawing comics – the consequence of a challenge that Maria Brophy gave me.

At the moment I’m at day 21, and if I keep this up for another week, I’ll have reached my goal of an uninterrupted chain of 30 comics in 30 days.

(This, incidentally, is a powerful tool for building up momentum. Google ‘Seinfeld Method’ for more info. And no: I don’t consider myself as funny as Seinfeld. This trick is about productivity and slowly building up momentum).

Anyway, the comics are a little peak into the more weird ways my mind works, and if you enjoy a daily chuckle, I invite you to follow me on Instagram.

My latest angle?

The adventures and learning curves of a very very stupid Artificial Intelligence, named Larry.

Follow him and the comics here:



Also published on Medium.

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