My Wife Ran Off With My Best Friend – No, But Seriously

You know that corny joke: ‘My best friend ran off with my wife. I miss him a lot.’
Maybe it’s funny when you read it, but not so much if it happens to you.
And yes, it happened to me.
To be fair, she and I have been separated for 4 years now.
The two of them got together last year.
It’s not like he stole her away from me.
But still.

I don’t have a problem with it – there hasn’t been any foul play, and personally I’m over that relationship. It doesn’t hurt.
But it’s bloody awkward, I’ll tell you that.
John has been my friend since we were 15 years old. He’s my closest friend.
If ever they get married, he would possibly want me as best man. But her family probably wouldn’t even let me into the country, much less near the altar.
I don’t blame anyone (except myself, for having allowed that relationship to go to pieces).

I’m happy for them. They’re a good match.
They’re both really good people. They deserve each other.
It will alter the friendship with John, but I doubt it will end it.
You don’t just erase 25 years of friendship.

Why am I telling you this story?
Because there’s a parallel with sales and business.
See, however I may feel about all this, those feelings are irrelevant.
I could be unhappy about it, or worried about our friendship, or any other human emotion.

But in the end, it’s about them and their happiness

It’s not about me. It’s about them.
That’s the only thing that really matters.
And the same thing goes for sales.

It’s never about us, the provider.
What matters is the buyer’s ‘happiness’.
Will they get what they expect?
Will it help them advance?
Will they truly benefit from their purchase?

Make it so that all those questions are answered ‘yes’, and you shouldn’t have to worry about sales.
You’re there to solve a problem for others. Focus on that, the other person’s benefit.
Your own well-being (financially and otherwise) will follow as a natural consequence. Psychology, baby!

Here’s to John and my ex. I hope they’ll be happy. She deserves a guy as good as he, and she couldn’t have found a better guy to spend her life with.



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