My Last Climb, and Closing Part of My Business

I’m not doing this climbing thing anymore.

I was up against a rock today, and realised: “I don’t want to be here.”

It’s not because I don’t enjoy it, I do, very much so.

But I’ve had to make a decision. Just had to.

I’ve had to grow up, I guess, and do what I promised myself decades ago.

Last Saturday, I decided to finally get serious about one of my big dreams.

And I did.

It’s a project that will take several years, and years of hard work at that.

It’ll be worth it, but it’ll mean sacrifices.

Climbing is one of them: it won’t help me advance my project.

Neither will nights out on the town – that’ll be rare from now on.

Women: not a chance. I love me a nice girl to hang out with but it takes time, and from now on all my free time is going wholesale into my project.


This stuff is going DOWN

So I’m back to sacrificing things in order to get other things. It’s exciting.

I feel like a kid on the eve of his birthday, and tomorrow there’s presents!!!


Another thing I’ll no longer do is client projects.

I love writing copy, and thinking out strategies, and consulting calls – but since I launched my Starship Mentorprise I’ve discovered that people benefit far more from learning how to write good emails than from buying copy.

I’ve a few client projects on at the moment (Hey Karen!), but when I’m done with those, I’ll only focus on teaching.

And, of course, the novel I’m writing, the sales of which should fund my project.


Yep, that novel I’ve carefully avoided writing is now going to happen

And nope – the novel is not my ‘project’, not by a long shot.

No, the novel is the first step on my path: with the sales of it I plan to fund my project.

What it looks like, this project of mine?

Can’t tell you details just yet, I’m preparing a few things.

But it’s a big plan. It’s bold, audacious, outrageous.

It’s such a massive undertaking that I feel euphoric just thinking of it.

Not because it’s big, but because it’s the one thing I’ve never allowed to manifest in my life, and that’s just bullshit.

Having decided to make this a goal and dedicate myself to it has in three days brought me more elation and happiness than I could imagine.


Watch this space. Some very fun stuff is about to happen

Meanwhile, about that mentorship thing: You could make worse decisions than to get serious about emailing your list.

Like my client Jimmy in Dublin: He’s studied, practiced, taken all my beatings – and he’s radically transformed as a result.

He went from: ‘I’m a painter but I really don’t like all that selling malarkey’ to:

‘I paint. These should be bought. How do I make it happen?’

In fact, he’s told me a few things yesterday on Skype that show such a massive personal evolution, that it’s very likely that I’ll fly to Dublin to run a local marketing project with him.

Which isn’t exceptional for a marketer, other than: I’ve never worked on a commission basis with anyone, ever.

(Tell a lie: I tried once, last year with a friend, but it blew up in my face.)

But with him, with the attitude he grew into? Hellz yeah, I’ll run the risk. He can’t fail.


That’s just one of the benefits from learning how to really communicate with your list: it’s therapeutic, it transforms you. So much so, that a hard-nosed business-minded bugger like me is even willing to break his #1 company rule: advance payment on all jobs, or no go.

Obviously, there are more benefits and more direct ones at that: Daily emails get you fans, subscribers, sales, brand ambassadors, friends – did I mention sales, easier and more than you think possible?

Oh but perhaps you worry that daily emails will upset people, or that it won’t work for your list?

Understandable, but erroneous.

I’ve got an email lined up where I quote THE leader in ethical marketing of our era, and he astutely explains why you too will benefit from emails, as long as you send them every single day. In your inbox tomorrow.

If you’re already hip to it and want to learn from an expert: here’s how it works –>



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