Why You Must Learn to Fry an Egg to Perfection (The Cure for Overwhelm)

A reader writes in:

“The amount of information for artists today on things to do is overwhelming – how do artists manage to learn one thing and master it rather than juggle so many things and not very well.”

Ah, overwhelm.

Our favourite modern-day foe.

It’s a good question and it has a simple answer.

This is what you do: Learn to fry an egg, to perfection, just the way a masterchef would do it.

No I’m not insane, and yes I know that you’re an artist and not a chef.

But when you want to achieve mastery in something – in our case, mastery in selling your art – you’ve got to start somewhere, and the best place to start
is with basics.

Simple things, that you can easily get good at and that serve as the foundation for building other things on top of.

Once you really know how to fry an egg, and you understand how heat works on a pan, and you fully grasp how and when protein solidifies, you’ve learned something that will serve you in the kitchen for the rest of your life.

And with marketing art, it’s the same thing.

You start with something small yet crucial, and you develop mastery.

And then you move on to the next thing, and so on.

And obviously, as always, start with something you enjoy – wouldn’t want to make life more difficult than it has to be.

Think about it: what’s missing from your toolbox?

Do you need to get better at social media?

Telling stories?

Writing emails to buyers?

Getting press and exposure?

Pitching galleries?

Pick something, find instructions, learn them, and start practising.

Forget about all the other things you could possibly learn or develop – you’ll get to that as you go along.

Much more sensible to focus on one thing first, and all the other bits will fall into place on their own when the time is right.

But here’s one skill that will make a difference across the board:


You basically can’t avoid writing stuff, if you’re building a business.

Website copy, emails, social media updates, brochure copy, artist statement – there will always be things you need to write.

And the better you get at writing, the faster it’ll go and the more effective your written communications will be.

Not only that, a well-honed writing hand will also enable you to do email marketing, which is one of the most powerful tools you could ever acquire.

Which is why I have a training program that teaches you email marketing, curiously entitled ‘Starship Mentorprise Writing Coach’.

It’s three months, it’s hard work, it’s weekly in-depth critiques of your writing – definitely not for the faint of heart.

Especially given that you get Martin acting all Kung-Fu master on you, so there’s that too.

But, if you enjoy writing and want to get really good at it really fast, it just might be what the doc prescribed.

More information here –> http://martinstellar.com/starship-mentorprise-writing-coach/



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