More sales, killer productivity, more time off and happier clients. And Sandra Bullock

…as you sip Pina Colada on a yacht in the Pacific while playing chess with Richard Branson, to the backdrop of Kate Winslet and Emma Watson dancing by the pool.

And Sandra Bullock – she’s cute.


Obviously, I jest.

But this one thing I’m about to show you will make a big difference in getting closer to whatever your dream is.

It’s a bit longer than my normal emails, but it’ll be worth it.

If you make it to the end I’m sharing a gem of a mind-trick with you.

A very smart friend taught me to distinguish between urgent and important.

If you learn why the difference matters and how to make use of it, you will indeed get more done, sell more, feel better, and get Sandra Bullock to dance by your pool. (Give me a call, ok Sandra?)

Allow me to ‘splain this to you.

Every so often, life starts to happen to me: interruptions, distractions, urgent issues to deal with.

It’s life, it’s part of business.

Like last week, with my friend being in hospital – you simply have to deal with certain situations.

What I realized today – thanks to my mastermind group – is that I tend to lose grip after a certain amount of repeated and prolonged disruption.

You know that feeling?

Where you get one. damn. thing. after. another. As if someone is doing it on purpose.

The more you get distracted, the more it seems like everything is really urgent, has to be done now!

A call, an urgent email, pick up kid from school, neighbor needs to talk to you, another important email, dog catches on fire, another phone call, you drop a jar and the glass and 5 million jellybeans scatter across the floor, dog drinks fire extinguisher chemical and needs emergency stomach pump –

Before you know it, you spend your entire day fighting fires, getting no real work done.


Obviously, life doesn’t design increasing urgency and throws it at you.

Life just happens as it always does.

What changes is our perception, and that’s what I saw clearly today.

Once we start dealing with the urgent, things increasingly start to *appear* urgent to us.

We start considering more and more things as urgent, and thus it seems life piles more urgent stuff on us.

Today I realized I get those states because I stop doing what’s important, and I increasingly allow myself to focus only on what’s urgent.

That might seem logical, but it’s devastating for happiness and business results

There’s always something urgent. You can – and on more than one occasion probably have – fill your entire day with urgent things.

Bills, calls, emails, social media updates and replies – in the end everything on your to do list looks urgent.

The disaster is that by just doing the urgent, none of the important stuff gets done.

You know, like writing a daily email to your list. Because man, you need to meet this deadline first – that’s urgent.

And so your day ends – late – and the email wasn’t written. Again. (Been there, done that).

That daily email being extremely important because it’s what gets you new clients and money in the bank

Same thing with fixing errors on your website, separating your list into sections, setting up optin forms on your site, installing analytics – all those things are extremely important because they demonstrably contribute to your bottom line.

But damn, wouldn’t you know it: you just have a few urgent things to do first.


My friend explains better, but it comes down to this: If you focus on doing only those things that are important, and radically ignore everything that is urgent, suddenly life makes sense again.

You suddenly get things done, with much less effort.

And, you’re doing all the important stuff, some of which includes urgent things.

In order of importance, very simple.


Drop the urgent – if it’s urgent enough to become important, it’ll get done. Meanwhile, focus only on the important things. The urgent will sort itself out.

Like putting in that extra hour to deliver an over-the-top awesome product or getting your funnel and strategy set up and ready for conversion.

Those kinds of things are important.


Another important thing?

Having sales copy on your site that makes visitors want to buy from you. That’s important.

And if you’re not writing that copy yourself, then who will?

Your little stellar, is who.

Read the details here:


Oh, and:

If you reply to this email, I’ll send you the link to the original article my buddy published on his blog. He gives an extremely simple and practical 5-step strategy to breaking out of urgent and getting important done, that I can honestly say you want to learn.


Meanwhile: how and why to get your copy from a pro –>








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