More Ethics = More Sales

I was listening to an interview with one of the world’s leading copywriters.

All very interesting, nice guy, great tips.

The guy is a rockstar for a reason.

And then he got to the point: “And here’s how you write a testimonial”.

He what?

He’s actually teaching people how to write fake testimonials?

As in, fabricating a customer commentary?

Ok, how about this, Mr. John Bigshot.

Let’s say you’re strolling through town, and you’re feeling kinda peckish.

You spot a hotdog stand, and wonder if you should get yourself one.

A guy next to you sees you looking, assumes you’re hungry, and tells you: “I have a hotdog there every day. They’re really good.”

So, John, you take the guy’s word, you saunter over, you buy and pay and bite – and that sucker is just horrendous.

The bread is stale, the sausage is made of glue and ground chicken bone, and the relish tastes like the socks of a marathon runner.

How, John, would you feel at that moment?

You’d be livid, wouldn’t you?


How could someone blatantly lie to you, just so they can get your dollar 98 off you?

To sell you an inedible piece of crap?

People are really horrible, aren’t they John?

But, dear John, those lies, that conniving and that grotesque absence of ethics, that’s precisely what you’re doing and displaying when you write a fake testimonial.

Or teaching people how to – for all I care it’s the same thing.


You may or may not be legally permitted to fake testimonials, depending on the jurisdiction you live in.

Personally, I don’t even know if it’s allowed in Spain, and I don’t care.

To me, it’s just another form of lying, and that’s just right out in marketing.

If you’re going to be in business, be ethical about your marketing and sales

Two reasons:

1: The ethics and morality if it. Read above.

2: Business sense.


See, most money is made from repeat business. You spend x amount of time and money to find someone who makes his first purchase.

If you then stay in touch and that person buys again, your spend to get that second sales will be many times smaller than x.

In fact, if you’re smart and use daily emails, your spend will be 30 to 60 minutes per day, divided by the number of people on your list.

Ergo: getting a repeat sale from a customer is a no-brainer and in many cases it’s a jiffy

Now guess what happens if you use fake testimonials? Guy sees your site, reads the lies, buys.

So far so good. Money in your bank.

The guy uses your product, probably likes it – and then he discovers that those testimonials weren’t actually from real people.

Unless the guy is a sucker, he’ll never buy from you again.

He shouldn’t – you’ve suckered him into his first purchase – he should now run for the hills.

And lots of people would, meaning you get less repeat business.

Which means you have to spend more cash on traffic, keep writing hype-y false testimonials so you can sucker more suckers – and so on, in a vicious circle.


You need testimonials.

If you don’t have any, you need to ask for them.

But you can’t fake ‘em, not if you want to be truthful and ethical.

Not if you want a healthy, sustainable business.

By virtue of not bullshitting people, you actually build a business and list of clients that sustains itself

Beats cheating, if you ask me.

Especially when you realise that you get more repeat business if you don’t mess with people’s minds.

Another way to get more repeat business?

You send repeat emails.

Let me help you with that –>



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