More Compelling Proof That Art Needs to Get Sold

This morning on a coaching call, an Australian artist named Michelle told me something special, once again proving that art matters.

Whilst and at the same time giving me grist for my writing mill, so thanks Michelle.

She said that each time she has a show or exhibition, all kinds of people come up to her and tell her that they have changed, that something special happened to them.

That because of seeing her work, they now feel free and ready to go and create what they had always wanted to.

Talk about the artist being an agent of change, right?

Just goes to show that art really does change people.

And in that sense, I contend that yes, the world definitely needs more art.

Needs to see more art, needs to be changed by more art, and needs to buy more art.

And yes, needs to buy your art too.

Like I’ve said before: Art is what makes and defines a culture.

If the only thing people are exposed to is 50 shades of commercially viable yet artistically bankrupt crud, then the culture becomes stale and starts to reek, like a pool of stagnant water.

Evidence of which abounds – look around you if you don’t believe me.

Whereas if artists take charge and put their art into the world, then society and culture benefit.

Think about it: each time you show your work – be it online or in a gallery – you just might turn one person.

That one person might live a slightly different kind of life after the experience.

That will have a trickle-down effect on the choices they make and the people they deal with.

They might even end up making their own art – poetry, painting, singing, who knows.

And each time other people get exposed to their attitude and art, those people can get changed too.

On and on, in a constant feedback loop of influence, inspiration, and waking up.

Perpetually bringing new and positive expressions of beauty and meaning into the world.

Not that I insist, of course – if you really just want to be a studio artist and never get out there then that’s your choice.

But know that you’ll be forfeiting a talent and ability given to you – and meanwhile Hollywood will gleefully fob off another overbudgeted and badly scripted movie on us. Hey ho.

So, the choice is yours: make art, sell art – and do what you’re made for – or no?

If yes, let me help.

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