Mind the Gap

You break the egg now, but it takes a while before it’s cooked and you get to eat it.

That’s the action-results gap, and it’s the cause of much entrepreneurial struggling.

Of course nobody minds having to wait for an egg to fry. It would be insane to expect it to be ready when we want it to.

But with our work, we’re not quite as rational.

We put in a ton of work – be it creating a course, launching a funnel, or setting meetings…

And then we enter the gap. No results.

But wait – what about all the work that went into it?!

Wasn’t that meant to get results?

Yes, but they show up when they do – not when we want.

And that moment, when we hope to see results for our actions but they’re in the future, that’s where (certainly in my case) we very often stop pushing forward on the actions we set out with.

And I can tell you: it’s tiring.

Starting something, expending ourselves, getting demotivated and then starting something new… such a waste of energy.

Which is annoying

So what’s the solution – how do we survive the action-results gap?

It’s nice to think of delayed gratification – especially the example of the marshmallow experiment (researchers put children in a room with a marshmallow and said “I’m stepping out for a bit – if you don’t eat the marshmallow, you’ll get a second one when I come back”. In later years it was found that the kids who could control themselves (i.e. were able to delay gratification) did better in life, in terms of career and money).

But if you don’t *have* much ability to delay gratification, what do you do?

You measure.

See we put in work in order to reach a goal – a sale, a thriving business, a Ferrari, whatever it may be), and then we keep looking for that goal to show up. But it does so only on the other side of the gap.

So you want to measure two things:

– Actions

If you don’t keep up with the work, the action-results gap will never close. So, measure every day how much effort you put in, and you track it.

– Secondly, measure signals

Sure it takes time for the goal to materialise, but on your way there, you’ll see signals telling you whether you’re on the right path, and what adjustments and course-corrections you need to make.

And while it’s not as sexy as landing a big client, you can’t afford to not measure signals.

The reason actions and signals are so important, is that they are feedback.

They tell you, in the moment and every day, whether it’s working or not, whether you need to adjust – and as long as you keep measuring, you won’t be as likely to fall prey to the devastating ‘let’s try something else’ effect.

There’s no fix for the action-results gap. There’s only a choice as to how you move yourself through it.

And if you want to move through it with the help of a coach who can make you more effective at selling, I’m here whenever you’re ready.



, and how the marshmallow experiment showed that if a kid is able to not eat the marshmallow so that he’ll get a second
Couple of things to keep in mind:
First, learn to love delayed gratification. The more you’re able to

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