Millions of Years of Evolution Are Complete: Finally, There You Are. (Romance Free of Charge)

He picked up his guitar, sat down on the edge of the drummer’s stage, and played the first chord.

Instantly, his face lit up.

His eyes scanned for me in the crowd, lighted on me, and he smiled a tiny smile while making a “perfect!” signal with his hand.

It was the first time his band had employed a roadie who played the guitar – and therefore was actually able to tune one to perfection.

Dude was happy. So was I.

I remember standing there, listening to the song.

It was a funny yet romantic tune: About how fish crawled onto land, evolved into earth-dwellers, evolved for millions of years, finally culminating into the summit of perfection: You.

Aw… so romantic.

Clever little number, it was.

My point?

Get the right man for the job. Any job.

If you want your guitar tuned fine, fit to play sweet songs, get a guitar-playing roadie, and not a Harley-riding hulk who sets up the drum kit and then wanders off to flirt with some girl in the audience.

(I saw it happen. The whole band was calling him from the stage. Hilarity ensued).

If your car breaks down, get a skilled mechanic.

If your Large Hadron Collider breaks down, get a Quantum Mechanic (credits go to Colin Beveridge for that one).

If you want to eat vegetarian food, don’t go to a steakhouse and pick the single veggie dish on the menu (seriously).

If you want to get your website designed right, get a designer who understands marketing and can go beyond creating  ‘pretty things’.

And if you want to learn how to market, promote and sell your work – without having to resort to sleazy, car-salesman tactics, get the LEAP Newsletter.

Because like I always say: Marketing in itself isn’t dirty – it’s only the unethical bastards who give it a bad name.

Or, that James Bond quote: “It isn’t the bullet that kills – it’s the finger that pulls the trigger”.

Marketing is just a method for showing up to people – whether it’s good or bad depends on your own ethics.

And that’s something you control.

Do it right, and people will actually thank you for it.

How do you do that – doing it right?

That’s what you learn each month, when the LEAP Newsletter lands on your doormat.

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