More Medicine to Cure Your Procrastination!

Listened to one of Peter Shallard’s webinars this morning, and thought I’d share something useful he mentioned.

It’s a model borrowed from Neuro-linguistic Programming, and whether or not you give any credence to that industry, the model is extremely useful by itself.

Especially when you keep on not doing the things you set out to do, and there’s a degree of ‘but how’ behind it, or a ‘why can’t I?’.

The model is called the neurological model, and it represents the human being thusly:


Values and beliefs




In that order.

The cool thing about it is that by using this model, you can very quickly answer questions, make decisions, and get yourself unstuck.

Here’s how it works:

Whenever you find yourself spinning your wheels or unable to get a task done or a project started, identify at which level there’s an obstruction.

Then, move one level up in the chain, and create a change there.

Because as they say, you can’t solve a problem at the level it was created.

Some examples:

You’re trying to write, but your kids are running around the house and you can’t concentrate.

I.e. your environment is the problem.

Move up to behaviour, pack up your laptop, and go work in a cafe or in the park.


Or maybe behaviour is the problem, and you just can’t stop yourself from indulging in Facebook.

Move up a level, and increase your capability to focus on a task – maybe learn to meditate, or practice discipline, or even better: develop habits that make Facebook a reward for having done the task, rather than the thing that keeps you from doing the task.

And what if your capabilities are lacking?

Maybe you don’t know how to reach new people for your business, or how to write and do email marketing?

Well, do you believe that you can learn new things?

Of course you do. So focus on that and get your learn on.

But maybe your problem is that you don’t believe you have what it takes to be successful, or you aren’t fully convinced you’re worth it.

Move up a level, and contemplate on who you really are, all of you, in all aspects.

You’re a person who has accomplished things, overcome setbacks, has earned, and deserved, important things (whether monetary or more abstract, in the form of gratitude or help from others).

Realise that you, as you are, with whatever imperfections you might have, are worth the success you desire.

Does this make sense?

Because if it does, print the five elements out and hang them on your wall.

Whenever you get stuck, or frustrated, or bored, look at where the problem exists, move up a level, and make a change there.

Now, there’s one level that Peter doesn’t mention in his model, but which does exist in the NLP variety.

Because, what if there’s a blockage in the upper level, that of your personality?

Which level above can you go to?

Maybe Peter didn’t mention it because it’s not right for his audience, but in NLP the uppermost level is spirituality.

And that’s nothing to do with religion or beliefs or dogma.

In this context, spirituality refers to a part of your psyche that’s beyond the subconscious.

Impossible to explain, but definitely something we can work with.

After all, if Peter is the Shrink for Entrepreneurs, I’m the Monk for Entrepreneurs.

And if you want to get unstuck, and be successful and happy and realised, I’ll work with you.

Whether one on one or in The Cabal, that’s up to you.

See, this neurological model fits in perfectly with my systems-approach to creating change.

As in: every system is perfect for the result it produces.

Change something in the system, and you get different results.

Want change?

Different results?

Let me know…



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