“Martin, How Much Does Coaching Cost?”

Let’s follow up from yesterday, where I told you I’d explain why I don’t talk about what it costs to work with me, in these emails.

I’ve had the question before, and there are several reasons.

For one thing: it’s not relevant to discuss it in these emails.

Because the way I work – that is, the way I enroll people in coaching programs – is by giving them a session at no cost.

And it’s not until you experience what it’s like to work with me, AND you want to get more of it, that price becomes relevant.

And if I were to talk about money before you get to have that experience, I’d be putting up a barrier. Because coaching requires a considerable investment – and I don’t want that ‘scary number’ to put you off getting in touch with me for a session, and prevent you from getting a few hours of help from me.

Another reason is that ‘how much’ doesn’t have one fixed answer.

It’s different for everyone. Depending on your needs, I may create completely a different coaching program for you, with a different price tag.

It all depends, you see.

There are people who pay me $150 to be part of the Cabal mastermind group, and there are others who pay me $10K in one go for an extended one on one coaching program, and there are options inbetween.

But back to the beginning: if you wonder what it’s like to work with a coach and you’ve been thinking about having the experience, all you need to do is click this link, have a look at the info, and fill out the questionnaire at the end.

If I feel that a session might help you, you get one for free. No sales pitch and no expectations.

Go here if you feel you’re ready for a conversation that just might change your life: http://martinstellar.com/business-coaching/



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