"Martin, Can You Use Your Connections to Get These Photos Into Galleries?"

Martin, can you use your connections to get these photos into galleries?

A good old friend, asking on behalf of a mutual friend.

The photos are good – very stylish and elegant.

Our mutual friend took them around all the galleries in Berlin, and everyone loved them.

But there were no takers.

The consensus reply was: “We love them, but we can’t take you unless you have a bit of name and fame”.

Once again, proof that a gallery must look out for itself, and isn’t there to take care of the artist.

I mean, in order to get into a gallery you need to bring along your own audience?

Come on. No way.

If you’re going to build an audience, why would you give it to a gallery?

So no, I can’t get him into galleries. I don’t have the connections and besides:

The moment a gallery would check out my blog and get a whiff of my opinion, they’d blacklist me for life.

Of course it would be great to get seen – and sold – in a gallery.

There’s nothing wrong with it.

But if you want to build a business, it’s going to be down to you.

Otherwise, you leave control with others and that means you help people build their business.

Choices, choices, as my old friend is wont to say.

Life is an endless flow of choices.

One choice you can make, and one that I wholeheartedly recommend, is to take charge and build your art business yourself, on your own terms.

Bonus: you get to keep the full sales price, AND the list of buyers and prospects, as you go along.

Here’s another choice: email marketing in order to communicate with that list.

One more choice?

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