“Martin, Can You Help?”

Help me manage my team, help me sell more, help me get unstuck, help me get on track, help me grow my business and my revenue?

Truth is, I have no idea whether or not I can help.

Everybody’s situation is different – and, it’s really important that you and the person guiding you are on the same page.

So whenever someone writes in asking if I can help, I have only one response:

Let’s talk, and let’s find out.

Very often, we find there’s a click, a type of resonance: we get along, we understand each other, my ideas find fertile ground and the conversation triggers discovery and decision.

But when it comes to the decision to work with me, I’ve been unavailable to far too many people.

Reason being that normally, I coach people in super-intense, 3-month programmes – and the cost of such a programme puts it out of reach for too many people.

That means I miss out on clients (boo, of course) but more painfully: those people who really are eager to work with me, often aren’t able to.

So, I decided to create a different format for my coaching help, where no matter what your budget, you can still get my personal help in running your business and growing your sales.

If you’ve been contemplating getting my help in building your business and growing your sales, here’s three different ways you can enlist my help.

Have a look, see if there’s something for you there…



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