Marketing Your Art? Stop Feeding the Demons

Yesterday I told you that I’m not in the art-selling business, but that I’m in the people-changing business.

To which replied Gareth Naylor, long-time client and superb watercolour artist.



Hi Martin,

Enjoyable article.

I get it. You help artists change their mental state.

Although I am someone who works in and on my business, I realized recently that I have a deep belief that I am unlucky (basically the suffering artist or martyr idea) …

I think once you see these beliefs then they become less powerful.

I’ve listened to the seminar videos several times now.

I actually had a problem.

I was feeling overwhelmed.

But while listening to your seminar I learnt the few areas where I need to put my effort and that helped so much.

I understood the idea of strategy and tactics and I now have a more refined strategy.

I’m also glad that you talked about doing marketing that you find fun. FB is such a time waster.

Now, I have the idea of putting my efforts into you tube art demo videos.

And I loved the Seinfield system. I’m already doing that. I paint a picture every day and tick it off.

But I also need a marketing thing that I do everyday too.

So much to say, but we’ve all got lots to do right.

Final word: Many thanks for the video seminar, really enjoyed it and got a lot from it,



You know, I love it when people pick up on the things I say.

It’s so important that artists get to recognise their demons, and learn how to move past them.

Like Gareth says: once you see the limiting beliefs, they become less powerful.

And yes, that goes for that starving-artist-myth too.

Just like back in the monastery, when we would battle our negative tendencies, and we would get told over and over again:

Don’t fight it – accept it, instead.

If you try to fight the ‘demons’, all you do is feed them and make them stronger.

That’s why I’m adamant that when you want to sell more, and you’re willing to do more marketing, what you need to do is choosing activities that are fun.

That way you can bypass all the limiting beliefs and self-sabotage, and move straight into actions that get results…

… but without the struggle!

Gareth gets it.

And so might you, after you digest the content in this seminar a few times.

It’s no longer $25, but even at the current price of $49, it’s way too cheap according to one of the artists who was present at the live event.

So, you know… you could have fun, doing your art marketing.

And have a strategy, and get rid of your demons and starving artist myth, and, yes, sell more of your art.

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