Marketing Lessons From an Expert: Nobody Buys Paint-by-numbers Art

Spent a very pleasant hour interviewing Ana Hoffman last night.

In case you don’t know her, she’s the owner of

And she’s one clever chica, when it comes to getting traffic to your site and building your list.

Seriously, her tutorials absolutely rock so you’d do well to head over and check her out.

She did annoy me though, because she wouldn’t give me what I wanted.
(Gah, why do women always do that?)

Joking aside though: What I wanted was the secret, the fix, the magic bullet.

The one thing that makes it all work.

But she kept telling me that there is no magic bullet, because every situation and market and audience and painter is unique.

And at some point she said something really clever:

“If you colour out a paint-by numbers sheet, and you try to sell it – would anyone buy it?”

And I realised: she’s so right.

There really isn’t any one strategy that works for everyone.

It’s always going to be a mix of strategies and tactics that you build around your own personal situation, and your art, and your audience.

In other words: you’ll always need to create your own marketing approach.

Even with email marketing – which Ana says is THE best way to build a relationship and get sales – that’s going to be your own approach.

You’ll need to choose what you write, and how often, and how much of your personality to add into the messages.

So yeah, it was a good interview, should be up next week or so, stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, go here if you want me to help you build and create your very own email marketing strategy, and learn how to write daily emails in 20 minutes flat –>



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