Man I Love Eating This Pudding (Proof of Sale Inside)

Life can be amazing.

That article the other day, about not rushing your prospects?

Funny effect it had…

Last summer, an artist named Jimmy mailed me from Ireland.

He’d been on my list for a while and wanted to thank me for the emails.

He also mentioned that perhaps, maybe, he’d want to hire me, at some point.

Maybe soon, maybe in a while.

So we got on Skype and passed a very agreeable hour talking about his paintings, his book and his plans.

Now inasmuch as I know him, Jimmy is a very calm, considering, and unhurried person.

I would be very surprised to see him make a rash decision of any kind.

Let alone hiring a copywriter – which is a big decision, no-brainer as it may be.

He was clearly interested in working with me, but at that point it wouldn’t have made sense for him.

As an experienced seller, I probably could have made a sale happen, either in that call or with an email after it.

But I knew, I could tell, that it would either be the wrong choice for him at that moment, or my trying to sell to him would put him off and turn him away.

So we just left it at a ‘We’ll talk again in a few months.’

We’ve stayed in touch since then, the odd email back and forth.

No selling – I didn’t even try, I didn’t need to.

We just kept in touch. It was nice.

Then comes that article, and BAM – he’s in my inbox saying that this time, maybe, he’s ready for mentorship.

Note the choice of words.

He wasn’t sure, he only indicated a higher level of interest.

Again: I knew that pushing for a sale would be wrong – it’s not up to me to decide when someone is ready.

But it sure looked to me like this would be an absolutely perfect time for him to start.

So I told him simply what the benefits would be, IF he decided at this point to get started.

And I ended by saying: “What do you think, do you want to take the leap?”

No pressure.

No ‘buy now’.

No sly tactics.

Just, like I always say:
“This is on offer, that’s what it does, this is the price. Would you like this?”

Guess what?
Jimmy took the leap (clever chap), and I’ll make sure that he will be writing stellar emails within a few months from now.

And selling many copies of the novel he’s currently working on

If ever there was an example of ‘the proof of the pudding is in eating it’, it’s this.

So: Read your people, feel into them, listen to what they say – read between the lines and try to figure out where they’re at.

Give them time, don’t rush them.

(But ALWAYS ask for the sales, that’s a given).

Provide useful thoughts and insights that help them advance.

Stay in touch.

Show up.

And when they’re ready, they’ll let you know.

And they’ll buy from you.

“But Martin, HOW do I do all that?”

Aw darling… you hire me as a writing coach, of course.

I’ll show you how to get your readers to love your thoughts, your writing, and your product.

You too can have not just a list, but real, engaged, passionate fans.

Who (need I state this again?) buy from you

Hit reply if you want some of this pudding too. I think you’ll agree with Jimmy that it’s pretty damn tasty.



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