Making a Case Against ECommerce…?

With all the useful tools available to us these days, it’s tempting to simply do what others do.

However, what works for someone else might not work for you, and what’s more:

It might not what you want to do.

Point in case:

A coaching call this morning, with an artist in Australia.

She had sent me an email, asking which platform to use for ecommerce.

You know: having your gallery set up in such a way that people can just click a button and send you money for the artwork they want to buy.

In itself, a very good system:

The fewer hurdles between deciding to buy from you, and actually making a payment, the better.

Or is it?

Not for this artist.

While talking, she told me that what she really wants, much prefers, is for people to contact her.

And even though that has a disadvantage in that it’s less automated and takes longer, the big advantage is that she gets to have conversations with potential buyers.

And because a sale always happens in the context of a conversation, there’s actually nothing wrong with it.

If anything, it will enable her to create strong relationships with people, before the other person has made a definite decision.

One size fits all doesn’t exist: it’s always a matter of finding a method and process that a) works and b) fits with your personality and preferences.

One guru will tell you that emotions don’t make for a sale, while the next one preaches that a purchase decision is always based on emotions.

Who’s right?

That question is irrelevant.

The important question is: what’s going to be right FOR YOU?

I love working with people one on one, because it’s exactly in that finding out what’s the best, most perfect way for you as an individual, that the magic happens.

I’m ready to help you with figuring out what to do and how.

Question is: are you?

If so, you know what to do.



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