“Look, I Made a New Painting!” … *Crickets*

I’ll bet it’s happened to you: you work on something beautiful, put it out into the world…

… and the world joyfully proceeds to ignore it, and you as well.

When this happens, there are two important questions to ask yourself:

1: Are you communicating enough, saying enough, showing up enough and in the right places?

Remember: without communication we’re lost, and that goes for all levels of human existence.

Differences don’t get resolved without communication, plans don’t get fleshed out, results don’t get achieved, and art doesn’t get sold – until we start
communicating adequately and frequently enough.

Without communication, nothing happens.

Stark example: a few weeks ago, friends from the North came to Spain for a week.

But they didn’t tell me when they’d be here until the very last day before their very last weekend, when I received a text message:

“Are you coming over tomorrow?”

But I couldn’t – I had work and appointments and commitments, and I couldn’t just drop everything.

So we missed each other, just because they hadn’t communicated in advance.


It’s what the being human is made of.

Question #2 is:

Are you listening enough?

Because in order for you to communicate effectively, you need to know who to talk to, and what to say.

Communication gets better the more you listen.

Imagine you’re a cartoonist, and you’re not sure whether it’s only kids who like your work, or indeed maybe adults will also like it for the irony and underlying message of it…

A perfect example is the Simpsons – kid’s entertainment, but highly attractive to adults too.

How are you going to know who to get in front of, if you don’t study and listen and get people’s opinion and reaction?

How do you know who your ideal buyer is, if you don’t get to know them?

And how are you going to get to know them if you don’t listen to them?

Note that ‘listening’ should be taken broadly: it’s not just about the ears.

Reading forums, Facebook groups or popular blogs will also give you a wealth of information.

Or look up your favourite buyers on Facebook, and make a study of the kind of things they like and care about…

Do that with ten people, and I’ll bet you start to see a red thread, something that they all have in common.

Once you know that, you have data that you can use to create your communication, and to help you find more people like them.

You can do interviews, send people to surveys, ask for feedback… so many options.

Whichever method you choose, do this:

Communicate, listen, communicate, listen, ask questions, listen…

All the time, over and over again.

That’s how you go from ‘crickets’ to ‘bums in seats’ at your next show, or from ‘no sale’ to cash in the bank.

One of my favourite methods of communication?

Why, sending emails of course!

You get to show up, give tips, ask questions, inspire, teach, and yes, invite people to consider buying from you.

Who to send those emails to?

To the people on your list – and if you don’t have enough subscribers on your list, I’ll give you a custom report full of tips.

You apply them to your website, and you’ll see more people subscribe.

Details here –> http://martinstellar.com/turn-your-site-into-a-conversion-machine/



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