Like Listening to My Own Clone

Interesting to see what Johnny said, the other day on the interview.
At one point, it was almost as if I was hearing my clone talk to me.
That’s how similar his advice was to the way I see things, when it comes to selling art.
The most salient points:

Stories work, stories sell.

Show your work, your progress.

Give people a way to get to know you, to bond with you.

Allow your audience to get to like you.

And, always end whatever you write with some sort of ‘do this next’ call to action.

Can be a direct call to action a la ‘go here to view my gallery’, or a more mild ‘look me up at’ in your author bio when you publish a guest post.

Either way, never end anything you put out without giving people a suggestion, or invitation, or recommendation on which action to take next.

Not always to sell, but always to do something that logically follows after having just seen your video, your art, read your blog post, seen your Periscope and so on.

It’ll take me a few days to edit the audio and give you the download link, but it won’t take long.

I just need to finish creating the next LEAP first.

Which LEAP?

The one where I show you how to get the most result out of the smallest possible effort.

The one where you learn how to hack your art business, and apply the 80/20 principle and Occam’s razor to your business and marketing.

Meanwhile here’s the next most logical action, now that you have read this piece:

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