Like a Golddigger, Jiggling the Pan

If there’s one thing daily emails are good at, it’s filtering out people who aren’t right for you.

And it’s mighty important to be specific when working with people.

The more careful you are about who you will and won’t work with, the more pleasant your working relationships – and your work.

You’ve probably had the experience: you take on a client, all seems well, but before long it turns into a nightmare.

You end up working like a dog trying to please, but for some reason it just won’t come together.

Micro-managing customers for example: that’s just terrible.

You don’t want a boss – that’s why you’re an entrepreneur.

Or someone who doesn’t give any feedback on the copy you wrote, other than ‘it needs to be more punchy’ or something vague like that.

Very often though, it’s not necessarily the customer who is ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ – it can be simply a bad match.

Because working with a freelancer is a type of relationship, just like a marriage is a type of relationship.

The way it works is different of course, but it’s a relationship just the same.

And relationships only work if the combination of people is just right.

Normally, you don’t really have a way to determine whether or not you should work with this or that person.

You could have them fill out a questionnaire, but that’s a bit of a hassle and it slows things down.

So instead, why not use daily emails?

As people get accustomed to you, and learn what you’re about and stand for, they will qualify themselves.

Some will leave your list, and that’s doing a favour to themselves as well as to you.

Others will keep reading but won’t ‘bite’, and that’s fine too.

If they don’t feel the ‘yes I want to work with him/her!’, they shouldn’t.

And some people, when the time is right, will get in touch and book you.

And from my experience, those who remain – who keep reading and who in the end decide to work with me – are gems.

Like a golddigger in a river: he scoops up some mud in a pan and gently swishes it around.

The sand and detritus wash out, the tiny nuggets of gold stay in the pan.

And that’s pretty much what you’re doing when you use email marketing.

It’s not hard work, once you understand how it works and you’ve made it a habit.

It’s fun too.

If you make any change in your business this year, I say make it a habit to write emails.

Daily, weekly or bi-weekly, depending on what works for you.

But be consistent in the frequency, and stick with it.

It works.

Here’s where you can get me to show you how it’s done –>



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