Let’s Play a Game: See If You Know the Correct Answer…

As some of you already know, when I invite people for a complementary coaching session, there’s a little questionnaire to fill out before we talk.

It gives me insight that helps me create a more powerful coaching session, and it’s beautiful to see the answers to the time-machine question.

(Step into my time machine, and tell me what your life is like in 5 years from now).

The answers to that one are an indication of how big and bold someone dares to dream, and wow, some of the answers are just so awe-inspiring.

But in that questionnaire, there’s also the question:

“What is the biggest obstacle that stands in the way of achieving that goal?”

And that’s a real tricky one.

In fact, it’s a trick question.

Because while there are no wrong answers for the other questions, this particular one has only one right answer.

So today’s game is this:

Can you tell me the only correct answer to the question:

What stands in your way, what prevents you from reaching your goal?

Hit reply, and let me know…

I’ll tell you the answer tomorrow.



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