Let Me Answer My Own Question: Who Am I For…?

A while ago, my coach queried me on my focus and branding.

What, this coach has a coach?

Why of course.

If I wouldn’t believe in the massive value and power of working with a coach, I’d have no business offering coaching services to others.

It would be hypocritical and unethical.

In fact, I have two coaches: one to keep me moving forward, and one to keep me sane.

But that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, one of my coaches opined that being a ‘Business coach for ambitious artists’ might not be a good idea.

“But!” I hollered, “These people NEED help!”.

He said he saw my point, but argued that it’s a very narrow niche, and it would exclude the possibility of working with other kinds of people.

Which is true – or would be, if the definition of ‘artist’ would be ‘someone who talks to a muse and makes beautiful things’.

But for me, the word artist has a much – MUCH – bigger meaning.

In my view, every human being is an artist.

We’re all trying to create a life and an experience of life so as to increase our well-being.

That’s just what being alive is about, it’s working towards our natural state.

Away from pain and towards pleasure, to maximise well-being.

And all of us, no exception, are constantly in the process of creating our own life, by the thoughts and the actions that make up our life.

But, not everyone is aware of this intrinsic art-nature of being alive.

Lots of people don’t live that way, and that’s fine.

But there are countless others who do see the ongoing creation as what life really is.

And that’s the kind of people I am for.

I don’t care if you are building a yoga studio, or an art business, or ecological villages or the next green energy revolution: if your attitude and view are that it’s a creative process, then I’d like to talk.

Whatever it is you do.

Within limits of course: if your business is fracking for oil, I’m not interested in helping you grow that.

Or if you manufacture weapons, then get off my lawn.

And yes, I realise the irony in quoting one of the most famous gunslingers in the world.

But anyway, I’m for creators.

People who want to manifest something wholesome.

Makers of things.

Which is why I changed my tagline to ‘Business coach for ambitious creators’.

Is that you?

Do you want change, growth, more creation and faster evolution of yourself and your business?

Then let me know.



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