Lessons From the Masters: Write Drunk, Edit Sober – BUT…

…just don’t drink when you write.

According to popular lore, Ernest Hemingway said a writer should write drunk and edit sober.

There are two problem with this.

The first is that according to his daughter, he never said those words.

Secondly, it’s an instruction that should not be taken literally.

What good writers understand it to mean is that you should write AS IF drunk.

Meaning: unfettered and uninhibited.

Or, as James Chartrand of MenWithPens fame said: Write shitty first drafts.

Reason being that if you try to edit your writing as you go about creating the first draft, you keep stalling yourself.

Second-guessing what you’re putting on paper is disastrous to your creativity.

I’ve mentioned this before in the context of the three writer’s identities, and I’ve talked about it in interviews.

(If you’ve not heard them, hit reply and I’ll send you a link).

Writing can be really simple, and really fast.

IF you write *as if* drunk.

Or in other words, write fast, write lyrically, spew all your ideas out and get as crazy as you want.

Nobody will read your first draft anyway, so why force yourself to create a good first draft?

You’re going to go straight into to editing it, so it makes no sense at all to mix the two tasks.

Once you get this, the very moment you discover how to write without involving your rational mind, it’s like a veil is removed, and you’ll be amazed at the torrential flow of creativity that you can let flow.

At will, whenever you like. You start writing, and within 20 or 30 minutes – BAM.

A draft that’s so rife with ideas and content that all you need to do is clean it up, delete a bunch of mess, and hit send.

There you go: a professional writer’s trick for writing fast ‘n good emails, articles, status updates, blog posts, what have you.

You can even write a whole novel in a month with this strategy, plenty of people pulling it off regularly.

Oh btw, there’s a reader named Maria I mentioned the other day – she caught the daily email bug last week, and she’s been at it daily.

Yesterday she showed me her ‘from now on I’ll write every single day’ intro piece, and it was pretty dang good.

Lyrical, even.

I’ll send you a link later on today.

Meanwhile, go here if you want me to show you the psychological tricks of writing emails that get you sales –> http://martinstellar.com/starship-mentorship-writing-coach/



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