Learn This From an Old Monk

Well, ex-monk.

But still.

The training I’ve had in the monastery had a good effect on me.

And you can learn from it.

Not that I was ever a very good monk, mind you.

I mean, breaking my vow of celibacy (twice) wasn’t exactly what I signed up for.

Then again, I was told that the purpose of vows is breaking them.

In that sense I did well because I broke every single one of them.

There’s actually a whole lot of psychological sense behind that, and I saw it confirmed in a video the other day.

That bit about failing, as hard and as often as you can?

Yep, it works.

I’ll send you a link to that video later today.

It’s good stuff.

Must say though, when people learn I was a monk, and they go: “Oh how wonderful, you must have such discipline!”

That makes me feel pretty embarrassed, because it’s one of the things I never got to be very good at, I don’t think.

Then again, I do know how to discipline my mind – a fine example of which is my self-imposed bachelorism of the last 6 months.

Not that I’ve not been tempted, but nope. No gals for Martin.

Work to do, and wearing big smiles while I’m at it.

Anyway, the thing I want you to learn: Rituals.

Rituals, habits, customs, systems, structures.

Dude, it works SO WELL when you create habits.


Problem is, we in the West are brought up to think that habits are boring.

And yep, if you have to commute to a dreary job each day, you’re in a hideously boring state of habit.

But when you create habits, healthy and constructive ones, all kinds of stuff happens to your brain.

It’s too long to go into, and I’ll probably do a LEAP issue about it at some point, but just take it from a guy who practiced habits for 12 years straight.

20-odd years, actually, because even when I left the monastery, I kept experimenting with the concept of developing habits.

I don’t like using the following words, but in this case I’ll make an exception: Believe, trust me on this one: habits work.

Do some Googling on healthy habits, or drop me a line and I’ll flick you some links.

Then create a few, simple, ATTAINABLE habits, and get going.

You’re welcome.

The best habit I can recommend?

Hokay, here’s one:

Each day, before your work starts, BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR INBOX (you hear me? leave that sucker shut!)

Take 20 minutes, grab a book, and learn something.

Anything, it doesn’t matter what.

Business, life, meditation, self-help, sales, design – whatev.

Just learn, put information in your brain.

Not only will you be rewiring your brain, by way of habits, you’ll also be getting smarter.

Ah, oh – you don’t have 20 minutes a day…

I call bullshit.

You do, of course you have 20 minutes.

Cut it from TV time at night, or Facebook nonsense, or talking to your friends on the phone –

Look, you and I and everyone, we all waste time throughout the day.

Don’t deny it.

Take a bit of that time, and invest it in yourself.

Two weeks, and you’ll agree with me that it’s worth it.

The same principle, but with turbo and racing stripes?

Skip the book and grab a podcast on your phone

Or download MP3s – you can even install DownloadHelper for Chrome and Firefox so you can listen to anything that’s out there, if you can’t find podcasts you like, or if the podcast format isn’t for you).

Really, there’s no excuse. Buy a $19 MP3 player and off you go, if you don’t have a smartphone.

The benefit is that you’ll be practicing habits, you’ll be learning, AND you’ll be exercising.

Walk fast, work up a sweat.

Get home, shower, dive into work.

Observe how your day goes.

Point is: life is finite, so don’t waste your time.

You’ve got places to go, money to make, people to help.

The more you learn, the faster you’ll move.

And there’s nothing like learning.

Final thought: “No time” is complete and utter nonsense, that much I learned in the monastery.

If you don’t have time, you ain’t got your priorities in order.

C’mon, switch on.

You’ve no idea what future might lay ahead unless you take massive action.

Start by learning, at the start of the day.

And of course, one terrifically awesome thing to learn?

The LEAP marketing system.

Not because I say so – if a subscriber tells me they’d prefer to eat beans and rice for a week rather than go without LEAP, that’s got to mean something.

Or selling out all paintings because that particular subscriber learned, and took action –

Think about it…

On the fence?

Get off it yo –> http://martinstellar.com/leap-to-more-sales/



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