LEAP Subscriber Goes Full Copyright Infringement – But I Love Her Just the Same

Some shameless self-promotion today.

Received this email:


I recorded this for myself today.

It took me about five hours to record and edit it.

I thought you could offer it as an upgrade, bonus, or something amazing like that.

Newsletter – Issue 10 – March 2015


Ah yes, that one was the ‘email marketing like a boss’ issue.

Attached to her email was an MP3 file, and yes: a neatly edited, clearly vocalised recording of said issue.

Is that actually copyright infringement?

I don’t know, I can’t be bothered to look it up.

Besides, I think it’s a totally awesome thing to do, so I’m pretty grateful.

I had no idea though that these newsletters can have such an impact on people.

Wow, to be honest. 5 hours…? Wow.

Also, listening to the track, I was pretty amazed at exactly how densely packed my writing is.

Yes, your little Stellar was a little impressed and humbled, having his own work thrown back at him like that.

So, I’ll take her up on it.

I don’t usually do this – giving away free issues.

But this month, if you sign up for the LEAP art marketing newsletter before the August 1st, you get not only the next issue, and the Spyhole Salesman’s Business Secret, and ongoing email access to me…

You also get the recording of the March issue as a totally free bonus.

Get it here –> http://martinstellar.com/leap-to-more-sales/



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