Landowner Stole My House and Now I'm Broke

About two years ago, I was doing well writing salescopy for different kinds of clients.

At some point, I was netting $5000 per month, mostly through oDesk.

Sweet, no?

It was.

Until something changed in their algorithms or policy, and suddenly it dried up.

I was forced to hustle and find customers via other channels, and it was stressful.

Not that I blame them: it was my own fault, for building a home on rented land.

What I should have done was build a fantastic site, drive traffic at it, and build my own email list.

But, you know: hindsight is always 20/20.

I hope you’re not making the same mistake though.

Your website is (after your email list) your most valuable asset.

Which is why the next LEAP is all about creating a (or modifying an existing) website that actually works, for selling your art.

Here’s what’s in it:

* Why it’s never about you, and one simple trick to make your content speak to and connect with the reader

* How Japanese music is the key to creating a design and layout that perfectly showcases your work

* The massive handicap artists deal with when creating a website and how to overcome it (this applies to all your promotional materials and activities)

* Why you must – absolutely have to – tell your story

* How to tell your story without turning things into a me-fest

* The worst kind of testimonial you could ever use (if you make this mistake, you’ll be attracting crappy clients like flies come to honey)

* Why you must forego cleverness and instead think like a child when building a site

* The best order for the items in your navigation menu if you want to make money through your site

* One feature that’s still being used but which is practically guaranteed to have people close your page in horror the very moment they land on your site

* Why ‘ship it already’ is the way to go, and how to overcome perfectionist procrastination and analysis paralysis

* Why digital sharecropping is a massive liability for your business stability

* How to confidently and comfortably become a brand

* The one thing you must do, and do daily – otherwise your entire website serves no purpose whatsoever

* Tips on how to increase signups and sales with tried and tested copywriting techniques
And yes, a whole bunch more.

She flies to the printer’s in a few days, and today at midnight registration closes.

LEAP to more art sales?

Yes –>



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