Are You From a Land Down Under? (Also: Why is Vegemite?)

Right, so I’ve been asked if the weekly Cabal meetings can be set at a time that also works for people in the Southern Hemisphere.

And, you know, I long for the days when the world was still flat, and every country had the same time zone.

That would make things so easy.

But science doesn’t ever stop and so the earth became round.

And ever since that happened, America sleeps right when Australians are busy fighting alligators.

And vice versa.

Minus the alligators, I suppose.

Anyway: there’s Buckley’s chance that times for the Cabal sessions will line up between the Northern and Southern hemisphere.

Unless the world becomes flat again.

And I doubt scientists will allow that to happen.


What I can do however, is create a secondary Cabal group, especially for ambitious creatives in the Southern hemisphere.

Because it just so happens that Europe and Oz/NZ have a nice timezone overlap during working hours.

So, are you from a land down under?

And, you reckon that The Cabal (weekly group coaching sessions+a private forum+unlimited email access to me) might be just what you need?

Then hit reply and let me know.

If there’s enough interest, I’ll give it a burl and see if we can make it work for you down in the Southern Hemisphere.

Like, when you’re not busy fighting sharks and tossing venomous spiders out of the yard with yer bare hands and such.

On another note: why is Vegemite??? (Honestly, I want to know)



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