La-di-da, dun-di-dun, It's Julia, the Half-a-nun

Have you seen this nun in your neighbourhood?


Ok, I’m going to do something I’m not supposed to do.

Ima get religious on yo ass.

Nah, just kidding. No religion and no politics in this space.

But I do want to talk about this nun I saw on the web the other day.

On some talent show in Italy, in her plain, dark-grey skirt suit and headgear, necklace with crucifix and all.

A real nun.

Boogying it out like you wouldn’t believe.

Kudos to her.

That chick has a voice on her – and she’s got a big effing pair of balls too.

But to me, that’s not a nun.


Yes, I’m taking it personally.

See, I used to be a monk, though most of the time I probably wasn’t a very good one.

But I did know that being a monk meant relinquishing aspects of life.


Renouncing things is kinda the purpose of the whole exercise, you know?

When I took vows, I knew there were many things that I was choosing to give up.

In other words, there was a degree of sacrifice involved in choosing to vow this or that.

A fairly high degree of sacrifice.

Sex, obviously. (Yes I missed it, but not as much as you’d expect. The mind is a weird thing).

Also relationships: whether on an intimate level with a woman, or a regular human friendship with a woman or another man.

And more.

Sacrifice of time.

Freedom to choose.


It’s what I went in for when I took the vows.

I gave that stuff up.

My band.

My friends. (The best of whom were waiting for me when I came back 12 years later – love you guys.)

My parents.

Social life.

My music (that hurt me more than going without sex).

You know, the whole shebang. Gone.

And, there was no cheating – no going back, no ‘just one night out with my buddies once a year’.


I was 20-something, madly driven, and I had a goal.

I had a mission. And when I decided to fully go for it, I counted the sacrifices I had to make, spent a year thinking about it, and made my decision

Which, incidentally, I’ve never regretted.

I remember talking to a neighbour, when I was 23 or so and a freshly minted novice monk.

“Martin, you’re throwing away the best years of your life”.

In a sense he was right, but in another sense I filled those years with daily unending introspection and learning.

My ability to work with people and sell is down to what I learned there. Psychology, training, experimentation, schooling.


So anyway, I gave up what I had to.

And so did that nun on TV when she took her vows.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect her for what she’s doing, but as a nun I can’t take her seriously.

To me, she’s half- nun. She lives parts of the strict life, but she also gets to nibble on the things a nun shouldn’t nibble on.

Yes, you can probably use your imagination.



Back to business.

Most people, (yada yada etc) are like that nun.

They run their business, they get things done.

They sacrifice some things, but there are other things they don’t want to give up.

They slack off too much, and don’t get enough done.

And in the end, they run their business like a half-nun.

I’m sure she’s a good person, valuable to her brethren and her community. She may well live a pure and spiritual life, who knows.

But she’s not living the life a nun should live.

Reaching a higher state of consciousness involves sacrifice. Lots of hard work. Self-negation.

Sacrifice. Endurance. More sacrifice.


Reaching success in business requires different things, but it just as much work

It also means sacrifice

It means going for it 100% and accepting that certain things are not available to you.

Maybe you need to sacrifice a hobby.

You might have to arrange times with your spouse or partner so you get to spend quality time together.

You can’t just up and run whenever there’s a party.

Your business has a level of priority in your life, and if that’s not a very high level you’re facing tough times.

Or, are currently in tough times.


The solution: more effort, more dedication, more hours and more sacrifice.

Pushing that boulder up that hill.

And yes, that costs.

But you give up one thing to get something else back.

Like when you get married: It’s a commitment.

It gives you a world of sharing, but it takes your freedom to just got and get it on with some hot chick.

It’s a choice you make and a consequence you accept.

Otherwise, you’re not really a nun, not really married, and not really in business.

Now  find me a writer who can put those three things in one sentence and still make sense.



If you want results, you can get them, if you’re willing to pay the price.

When talking about marketing, you might want to use email to get sales.

And, you might like to get my help.

And yep, that’s going to cost you. A 1-on-1 mentor isn’t cheap.

Which shouldn’t be a problem since investing in writing engaging, audience-building, sales-getting content is about the smartest thing any business owner could do.


Even worse: you’ll also have to put up with me, and I’m a bit of a kung-fu master when it comes to teaching. I’m not harsh, but damn I’m strict.

The upshot is that you too get to write emails that are fun, fast, and that make people very eager to do business with you

Which isn’t quite the same as enlightenment or marriage – but if you’re like most folk, you too want more sales.


Got what it takes?


Then get me here –>






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