All the King’s Tailors, and Yet He Chose Me | Find Out How I Beat the Competition

“Let me buy you lunch, Martin”.

My bank director client puts on his coat, and I start to pack up my kit.

Roll up the tape measure, carefully stack the swatch books of fabrics into my pilot case, and of course, the order form with his measurements.

It’s summer 2009 and I’ve just sold a $2k handmade bespoke suit, and all is right with the world.

Tomorrow I’ll fly home and start drafting the pattern.

A few minutes later we’re in a traditional English pub near Piccadilly Circus.

Pint of Guinness in front of me, steak and kidney pie next to it.

And I ask him:

“So why did you choose me?

“You live in London, the tailoring capital of Northern Europe.

“You have hundreds of tailors to choose from, all of them with much greater repute than I have.

“Why me?”

And he answers, giving me the golden reason for ever choosing someone to do business with:

“Because of you.

“I’ve been reading your blog, seen you active in the online forums, and I like what you say”.

I bite into the head of foam on my Guinness, listening attentively.

I’m learning a lesson here.

And he continues:

“In London, the tailoring world and the old shops and the cutters… well, it can be a bit stilted, you know?

“When I read your blog, it’s a breath of fresh air.

“The quality of your suits is fine, I’m sure.

“But it’s because of the kind of person you are that I wanted to try something different for a change”.

And there you have it.

Remember how I said that people buy the artist, as well as the art?

Well that meeting there, that’s proof.

Here was a young tailor, new on the scene.

No fancy marketing, just a blog and daily activity on forums.

And I beat the competition in all of London, even tailoring houses that have served royalty and been around for donkey’s years.

Not because I’m all that special, but because to him – the perfect buyer – I was the right kind of different.

So take that lesson my client gave me, frame it, and hang it on your wall.

Whether you sell art, or design, or copywriting services or seminars:

####People buy what you make because of who and how you are.###

Remember that, and competitors will never again be an issue.

Meanwhile, The Cabal is beginning to take shape nicely.

We had our second session yesterday, and I dare say there was fireworks and magic.

Some very inspiring and beautiful things happened.

In the words of Paula Mould:

“So yeah, thanks. The group, in my mind, is already invaluable. I’m grateful for it.“

If that tickles your interest, and you want to know if it would be something for you, here’s what to do next.

Go to the following link, and read what The Cabal is about and who it’s for.

If it resonates with you, we’ll schedule a call to find out if it would have the same benefit that the current members experience.

Check your resonance here:



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