Just Add Water, Makes its Own Sauce!

There are things in life that are free, that come to you without any cost.

The rising sun, a smile, someone’s hand on your shoulder…

The world is rife with free goodness.

Other things though, you can only get them at a price.

A relationship – that’s only going to work if you both commit, and if each sacrifces some things in return for others. It’s the price you pay to be with that person.

Good food – either you pay for it, or you grow it, which costs time, fertilizer and water.

Sales, your own niche in the marketplace – that also comes at a price. Nobody would expect that putting up a website will magically bring you customers. A site is only a tool, part of a larger package of tools.

And you gotta work those tools: SEO, copy, networking, social media… if you don’t ‘pay’ with time (and/or money) to make them work, they won’t work and won’t get you sales.

Which is why I created LEAP: it’s one of those tools that if you grab it and start working with it, it’ll get you more sales.

But for some reason, some of my readers – the people I had in mind when I started LEAP – haven’t yet… actually taken the leap.

So that tells me that the value of the thing isn’t clear enough yet.

And that’s why LEAP issue #2 is going to earn itself back for you.

You just add water, it’ll make its own sauce.

Here’s why:

LEAP #1 gave you the mindset and tools that enable you to run a healthy business with your copy, your art or your design, issue 2 is going to give you hands-on instructions to actually build the first asset a business needs: a list.

Because without a list, even a small list, you have no business.

So now I’m going to show you how to get your first 30 subscribers within the first month.

But, subscribers are only that – what matters is that some of those subscribers also buy from you.

Which is why LEAP #2 will come with a free bonus cheat sheet:

What to do so you’ll make at least $80 within the first month.

See, I believe people need this stuff. It works.

I’ve seen it work for myself and others.

But I can also understand that you want to see it work for yourself, before you decide to buy.

Which is a bit complicated: You can’t taste an apple before you eat it.

And buying a newsletter (even if it’s an investment cheaper than a coffee a day) should be done because you trust it’ll work – not because you’re taking a leap of faith.

I’m not selling a leap of faith – what I have on offer is a leap forward.

To more sales.

So I’ll show you how to get those sales – at least $80 worth.

I can’t guarantee or promise you’ll get them.

But some pretty dramatic stuff would have to happen for it not to work.

Read the newsletter, grab the cheat sheet, make a plan, put it into action.

You’ll see the results.

Start here –> http://martinstellar.com/leap-to-more-sales/



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