Is This What a Visionary Would Do?

We all have a goal – a vision, a dream, a mission: a certain type of impact that we want to have.

And if you’re the kind of person who takes that seriously, you’re effectively the visionary behind the scenes of your life.

But, you’re also the guy or gal who has to step up to the plate and make it a reality.

Sure it’s nice if you can hire people to do tasks for you, but most of us start out bootstrapping.

And even people who are backed by investments or their own capital, they still need to be the person who seeks out the first individual to hire.

Now here’s where it gets hairy, where it pertains to solo-entrepreneurs:

It’s very easy to fall into comfort-zone, capability based activities to build your business.

Yesterday on a coaching call, my client explained that to realise his big vision, his plan was to build a team of writers, to write articles for his clients, and he would then manage those writers.

In itself, not a bad idea. You create an agency, deliver a stellar service, you manage the freelancers, and if you do it right it can become a profitable business.

But here’s the problem:

This particular client has a huge vision, a big ambition, and he wants to have a massive and positive impact on the world.

He is, in his business and life, a true visionary.

Can you spot the error?

For him to build an agency and manage a team would be playing miles below his strengths.

Managing a team?

Come on. That’s a manager’s job. Not the job of a visionary.

A visionary would hire a manager to do it for him.

So whatever your goal and however you want to give it shape, ask yourself this question every time you’re about to commit to an activity or direction:

Is this what a visionary would do?

If the answer is no, change the format.

Find someone to do it for you, or replace the idea with something more visionary, or shelve it for later when you have money to invest…

Whatever you do, keep going back to choosing activities and plans that keep you in your zone of genius.

Which means: try with all your might to do only (or mostly) those things that nobody else in the world can do quite the way you do it.

Obviously, it’s not always clear what our zone of genius is.

And if you know it, it might be hard to figure out a way to stay in that zone, in such a way that you grow your business and work towards more revenue.

And that’s where a coach comes in mighty handy.

So if you have a vision, and you want to stay in your zone of genius, and you just need a simple actionable plan, let me know.



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