Is That a Trick Question in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Another reader writes in, with only one sentence:

“What practical everyday advice do you offer? ”

Hmmm… I wonder if that’s a trick question.

Maybe she’s not happy that I send emails everyday and it’s a way to express her dissatisfaction.

Or maybe she doesn’t’ get how in each email I send, there’s always some practical advice – whether it’s to do something, or to think about something, or to ask yourself a question.

But, it could be a genuine question, as in:

What would I advise an artist does, every day, in a practical sense.

And if that’s the question, the answer is… well, do something businessy.

Yes, of course what you do matters but at a basic level, anything you would choose to do could be helpful.

Just so long as the goal of the activity is first to grow your visibility, second to grow your list, and ultimately to get you more sales.

And if you pick an activity – any activity, really – that qualifies for those three goals, all you need to do is spend 30 minutes on it, every single day.

Will 30 minutes a day be enough to grow a healthy art business?

By itself probably not.

But I guarantee that if you make a habit out of it, and you keep it up for a few months, things will start to change for you.

It all ads up, you know.

You can fill a bathtub with just a drop a day.

Sure it’ll take a long time, but in the end it’ll be full.

So the question is, really, how fast do you want your art business to grow?

If you’re driven, committed, and you really want to grow that baby of yours, you could also start emptying cups, or even buckets into the tub.

Meaning, spend an hour, or two, or… well, however fast you want to grow, really.

And what then should you do, during that daily business time?

Can be anything. For example:

•    writing emails to your list

•    curating content on social media that your audience will like

•    getting in touch with previous buyers

•    researching your buyer’s psychology by creating a survey

•    actively connecting with your target audience on social media and growing your following

•    Installing optin forms on your site (Sumome is a great WordPress plugin) and offering a freebie when people sign up

•    contacting the press about the message that goes along with your art and getting exposure that way

•    teaming up with a local charity or joining online forums/local communities and becoming a valued peer

Any of those ideas resonate with you?

Then pick one or several and install them as habits in your day.

Keep at it, and growth will be inevitable.

But tell me: which business habits have been most effective for you?



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