Is Business a Numbers Game? No – People Come First

Let’s do some numbers.

No, I’m not going to throw maths at you.

I’m not into maths – I’m into people.

Just the same, there’s a numbers game at play when you are trying to build your business.

It goes like this:

Let’s say you get 100 visitors a day to your website.

Like a good little entrepreneur, you have your site set up to convert as many visitors as possible to email subscribers.

You have your optin freebie available and looking enticing, you have optin forms in the right place and you’ve given them spiffy design…

But for some reason, you only see one person a week sign up.

700 visitors, one signup… clearly, something is wrong.

Should be much higher, right?

Well, here’s one thing that reduces your optin rates:

Asking too much.

Very often, I see optin forms that ask not only the email address, but also a first name, a last name, sometimes even a website.

But the problem is, and this has been tested and proven over and over again, that the more fields someone needs to fill out, the lower your conversion rates will be.

And, in order for you to communicate with a new subscriber by email, the only thing you really need, is…

… and email address.

So I usually recommend you ask only for that, and nothing more.

There you go: instant increase in optin rates.

“But Martin”, you say, I want to personalise my emails, you know?

“Without a salutation, it seems so… dry”.

Fair enough.

Easy fix, too.

Here’s what you do:

First, you get people to sign up with just the email address.

You start sending them your missives, and a few days or weeks later, you offer another, new freebie.

You send people to a page where they can access it, and on that page you install a new optin form, in order for people to get access.

And on that optin form, you put a name field, as well as an email field.

But won’t that reduce optin rates again?

Not nearly as much as when they are first considering signing up.

They’re already on your list, they are already enjoying your updates.

In other words, they already know, like and trust you to some degree.

So for you to ask a first name at that point means they’ll be far more likely to do that.

When they give you their name, you have your Email Service Provider set up to move them from list A (no name) into list B (with name), and Bob’s your uncle:

Higher signups, and the ability to personalise your emails.

In other words: smart ways to deal with numbers, and higher engagement with people.

Because in the end, no matter whether your business is making and selling art, or helping people make changes, or writing books or songs:

It’s always about people first.

But only always.

Want me to help you connect with more people, and engage them, and build relationships?

Then 1-on-1 coaching just might do the trick.

Want to talk and see if that will work for you?

Let me know…



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