Is 1000 True Fans Enough? What’s More, is it Smart?

A reader pointed me at an interesting article this morning.

It makes the case for 1000 true fans – the notion that as an artist, all you need in order to make a living, you only need 1000 folks to be avid fans.

And it makes sense too, because if 1000 people spend 100 bucks a year with you, you get to make a pretty decent living.

And 100 dollars a year isn’t a lot of money, if you’re a real fan of someone’s work.

On the flipside though, finding 1000 people who totally dig what you do isn’t exactly easy.

You’ll need to show up to 10.000 or 100.000 people in order to reach the 1000 who go crazy over you.

So the question is: do you want 1000 people to spend 100 with you, or would you rather have 10 people who give you 10.000?

You might think that nobody will pay you that much, but it all depends.

There’s a lot of psychology behind high-price items, and for people with a lot of spending power, the more expensive something is the more desirable it becomes.

So it really is a matter of strategy, and of being very specific who you target.

In the end, it’ll always be a mix of both: you’ll have high-ticket buyers, as well as peeps who only buy a few prints each year.

But between the two, you just might be able to build yourself an audience and fanbase that builds your business and prosperity.

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And if you want the article I mentioned and get a deeper understanding of the 1000 true fans concept, hit reply and I’ll send you the link.



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