Invitation: Join Me for a Wild Ride

For the last year or so, I’ve lived practically like a recluse, a hermit.

I rarely went out other than for my walk&podcast.

Didn’t go to any parties, didn’t go for drinks, saw very few friends.

Instead, I wrote, and talked to artists, and did podcast interviews, and I studied and studied and studied and meditated.

It’s been a good year, I’ll say that.

Without wanting to sounds arrogant, I dare say I’ve grown.

But now, my year of solitude is over.

I’m stepping out into the world.

Kinda feels like when I had just left the monastery.

Woah… a whole world out there.

Where do I start?

Well, curiously there’s serendipity at work.

Just yesterday I spoke to a friend I hadn’t seen in years.

She’s started an arts club, in a valley rife with artists, about 20 minutes from here.

Inspired by the Chelsea Arts Club, she’s gathered some 35 artists.

Between her location in the valley, and the house here in town that she did up to be a permanent gallery, she’s working hard to get bums on seats and art sold.

Sounds like my kind of enterprise, doesn’t it?

Sure does.

So obviously I’m thrilled that she’s asked me to help out in the gallery, and open the doors for viewers.

I just hope she’ll also do some serious marketing, because this town, and her house, are off the trodden path.

She’ll need to work to get a good steady turnout.

So yeah, I’m back in the world.

Hello world. How’ve you been?

So that’s my plan from now on: be out there and serve people, notably artists.

Make a difference, if I can.

Want to join me?

I won’t go as far as saying that the world is waiting for me – but some people just might be.

And that goes for you as well.

Some people, if you work hard enough to find them, will tell you that you’re a godsend.

That they wish they’d found your art sooner.

So why not make it easy for them, and get yourself seen?

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