In Case You Missed It – I'm Starting a Podcast…

… And your name is on my list.

Here’s the dealio.

I’ve resisted for a long time, but Tim Reid in Oz finally found the way in: He found my button, the one that riles me up every time, and he’s been pushing that sucker over and over again.

So I gave in: I’m starting a podcast.

The button I speak of is the one labelled: “What if you don’t do it, and you’ll never find out – then what?”

People shouldn’t say that to me, honestly.

Tim figured that out pretty quick.

You probably don’t know him, but he’s the host of the highly inspirational podcast called Small Business, Big Marketing – I recommend you check it out because he gets some real smart people on.

And, he’ll go down in history as the guy who pushed Martin off the podcast cliff.

Now, for the deal, and for having you in my sights:

I have no idea how I’m going to do this.


Solo rants?

Co-host every episode with Jimmy? (Not a bad idea, the dude is smart)

Record free consulting calls with my subscribers, and publish them?

Hey now, there’s a thought.

It would help you to get an hour of my braintime, it would give listeners tips and ideas that I don’t share in these emails, and it would hopefully serve to show new listeners that this new podcast is going to be worth an hour a week.

So, if you want yourself a little Stellar overhaul, if you want to pour my brain out for you, you’ll get that for free.

All it’ll cost you is the permission to record and publish.

If you’ve ever had one of my free 30-minute calls, you know you’re going to come out with practical ideas and a ho’ bunch of motivation and energy.

Hit reply if you’re up for it?



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