In a Dip, Struggling, Feeling Gloomy? Get Out of it Right NOW

Here’s a little trick you can do that will instantly improve your mood. Guaranteed.

Not necessarily fix your entire mood and cure a depression, but if you’re feeling low, you absolutely want to do this.

Trust me.

I just watched a short video by a guy who taught me a lot (hit reply if you want the link).

Some useful tips about testimonials and how to use them.

He stands there explaining, and then reads some ten testimonials in a row.

Things his clients actually told him.

“Derek is great, he’s a common sense, no-BS guy”.

“Derek’s product totally turned my business around”.

“I’d follow him to the moon”.

And then some more, ten or fifteen in a row.

Good, useful video.

At the end of the video, they show a blooper, of him talking off-camera:

“Can I just say something? Reading testimonials really makes you feel great”.

He smiles this intense smile, radiating joy, and continues: “I gotta say, I feel amazing right now.”

That, exactly that.

If you watch that video, you can just feel the happiness come off the screen

If you’re having tough times – and even if you’re not – do this now:

Stop everything you’re doing.

Seal off entirely for the next 30 minutes: Door locked, phone off, no Facebook, no Twitter, no distractions.
This is YOU-time. We’re going to fix something, you’ll see.

Dig into your email history, and go back to each and every client you worked with who gave you positive feedback.

Copy every accolade, each compliment, every expression of gratitude that people sent you into a document.

Give it a bit of formatting and print it out.

Read it.

Read it again. Out loud.

Now take a moment to observe how you feel.

You’re welcome.

Shall we get back to work?



If ‘back to work’ means you’re going to start writing daily emails: Yay you! Do it!

If you want help with that, I’ll be your mentor. Here’s details, the why, and the wherefore –>

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