I'm Sorry (In Which I Shoot Myself in the Foot)

Bit of irony for you today.

You know how I keep preaching about daily emails, and how important it is to be consistent.

You’ll also have heard me wax passionate about the power of rituals and habits.

And, you’ll have seen me proudly thump my chest, saying “I send an email every single day”.

And then… yesterday came around, and I didn’t.


The reason why… well, reasons are often just another way of saying ‘excuses’.

But I’ll tell you this: it was my own fault, and I could have prevented it.

What happened is that in the last two weeks, I’ve been less strict with my daily routine. Especially with my morning ritual.

Up until the end of December, writing my daily email was the very first work activity that I did.

And, the task included ‘sending that thing’.

But for reasons to do with work, Santa Claus, and visitors at my home, I would sometimes write the email and let it wait for proofing and posting until later in the day.

No harm done, right? It’s still an email a day.

Except – as with most bad habits – it got worse over time.

Amazing how fast you can lose a good habit even if you’ve been diligently practicing it for more than a year.

On one occasion I remembered to send the ready email just before going to bed – phew, nick of time.

Another time, I actually had to fire up my laptop again after shutting down because as I was brushing my teeth I realised I hadn’t hit send,

And yesterday, the lax attitude caught up with me – I had things to do, people to talk to, and yep: in the end I forgot to send it.

Silly Martin. After saying over and over again how important it is to be consistent?

Great way to lead by example.

Now here’s the good news: when you fall off the wagon, you can get back on.

And the sooner you do, the easier it’ll be to keep with a healthy habit.

So, here’s another email for you.

When you break a good habit you can go sulk in a corner and blame yourself for ‘failing’ but in the end errare humanum est and what are you going to do about it?

You pick yourself up and get back in the ring, that’s what you do.

Reminds me of meditation: it’s easy to get frustrated when you can’t concentrate and your thoughts wonder off all over the place.

But that doesn’t help.

You can also realise that the value and practice of meditation is a relentless bringing back of focus.

Habits. Love them.

And when you break a good habit?

Then you just start it again, and try to not punish yourself over it.

Here’s where you go if you want to build an email-writing habit (and I won’t guilt you if you break the habit every now and then) –> http://martinstellar.com/starship-mentorprise-writing-coach/



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